Scotland’s Aerospace Sector Set to Win Big after an €11.8 million Joint Program amid Boeing and NMIS Roll Out

28th Sep 2020

As a result of the agreement between Boeing and NMIS, Scotland’s Space Sector is about to boost thanks to its funding. The funds will be utilized to help further the country’s industrial technologies. 

To assist in the mission’s success, Boeing and NMIS have already leased a warehouse from Canmoor. The warehouse is at Westway Park in Renfrew, a subsidiary of the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District Scotland (AMIDS). 

Director Welcomes the Move

Canmoor director welcomed the change and stated that they are thrilled to be the business that leases the warehouse to Boeing and NMIS. He continued to add that the lease confirms that Westway Park is not only strategically placed but also offers exceptional facilities. The warehouse has more than 60,000 square feet, which is adequate for Boeing to carry out the project. It will be a big boost to the Scotland Space Program. 

Scotland Space Sector is to Benefit from the Project

The Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC), a branch of the NMIS run by the University of Strathclyde, is the foremost player in establishing the R&D project. The AFRC will furnish the site with employees later on in the year. The employees will be tasked with manufacturing highly advanced metallic parts. These parts will be instrumental to the Scotland space program since they can build rockets or satellites. 

More Funding

The Scottish government also supported the project with a £3.5 million grant through its investment arm known as Scottish Enterprise. Boeing and NMIS allied in March 2020, and this is the first project they are undertaking together. The partnership is beneficial as it will help Boeing increase its production capacity. On the other hand, the project is expected to create more than 200 jobs in the next five years and it will significantly boost the country’s economy to the tune of tens of millions of pounds per year.

Although Scotland is not a big player in additive manufacturing, the project will see the country grow in that area. The project is a significant boost to Scotland’s Space sector as it will help the body easily acquire aerospace supplies.

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