Scotland’s Space Companies to Reveal Good News About Renewable Energy Sector

2nd Feb 2021
Scotland’s Space Companies to Reveal Good News About Renewable Energy Sector

With the goal of improving Scotland’s space projects, a new venture has been announced that will provide Scottish space technology to help reduce the country’s reliance on natural resources. In efforts to solve the ongoing issues brought about by climate change and ecological erosion, scientists and private companies related have begun looking to space to help solve some of the problems that exist here on Earth.

The European Space Agency and Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group have agreed on the intention to help leverage Scotland’s space technologies to help power up the country’s renewable energy industry. Together, the venture seeks to design and engineer space applications to help boost renewable energy projects. Furthermore, the project aims to explore the ways in which national energy production and operations are environmentally sustainable. 

Scottish Space Collaboration Looks to the Future

With a view to the potential application of Scottish space technology, the chair of the Aberdeen Renewable Energy group, Jean Morrison, has stated that the recently concluded agreement is about to look at the potential of the new technologies developed for various space activities. They will learn how to use these innovations to improve renewable energy projects’ development.

Today, Scotland’s space industry is developing rapidly as more and more firms relocate to the country thanks to its widespread coastal sea access and low population density, making it an excellent site for satellite launches. Several Scottish space companies already have events planned for the upcoming years and can easily reclaim reusable rocket modules from the North Sea, close to the British mainland. 

Scotland’s Space Industry on the Rise

Scotland’s space industry is the latest iteration of the country’s legacy of contributions to the world of engineering. Scotland’s fortunes are also heavily tied to the energy industry. Not only do offshore conditions in the North Sea make the country’s waters a prime location for wind farms, but also the North Sea oil and gas deposits in Scottish territory provide massive revenue for the big petrochemical companies.

The dichotomy between Scotland’s outstanding environmental beauty and big energy companies’ concentrated efforts is something of a paradox that leaves many worried about the future of Scotland’s beautiful landscape. Hopefully, the application of Scottish space technology and the ESA cooperation can go some way to allaying these fears.

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