ISAR Aerospace Completes Series B Investment Round, Attracting €75 Million

31st Dec 2020
ISAR Aerospace Completes Series B Investment Round, Attracting €75 Million

Munich-based rocket company, ISAR Aerospace, has completed the second round of investment. Lakestar Growth has acted as a primary investor in this round, even though various new and existing benefactors have also participated in Series B funding. In total, ISAR has raised €75 million investment for its developments. 

What Makes ISAR Aerospace Special?

To date, ISAR Aerospace is the only European company that aims to compete in the global satellite launch market. This spin-off from the Munich Technical University is working on a micro-satellite launcher called Spectrum. Its first commercial launch is scheduled for 2022, and the technology will provide for small, commercially viable satellite launches. The current round of financing will be further spent on research, analysis, and fine-tuning the existing technology. 

As a reminder, during its first round of investment ISAR has received over €90 million in funding. Aside from Lakestar Growth, a chief investor in the second round, plenty of international companies have shown interest in the company and its developments. The latter include Airbus Ventures, HV Capital, and Apeiron. 

Even though the idea of developing a micro-satellite launcher is not new, few European-based companies can offer this tech. At the same time, the demand for small satellite launches is growing as more private aerospace companies are designing satellites of their own. ISAR’s launcher will have a payload capacity of one metric ton — something that may not compare to SpaceX but can ensure uninterrupted satellite deliveries for smaller aerospace companies. 

ISAR has a diverse and incredibly dedicated team. The project started back at Munich University when three of its graduates decided to address a pressing need for small satellite launches in Europe. Now, the team has grown considerably and includes a variety of experts from the aerospace industry. Given the latest ISAR Aerospace investment amount, it looks like the company has all the chances of becoming the first private German company to compete in the international launch market. 

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