Airbus Backing-Up German Space Company ISAR Aerospace

6th Nov 2020
Airbus Backing-Up German Space Company ISAR Aerospace

Before the year ends, many space companies are aiming to launch at least one spacecraft into orbit. These companies are coming from many different nations, including a German company, ISAR Aerospace, which is also making a name for itself in the space industry.

What Does ISAR Technology Do?

The company constructs and designs satellites and their latest project is the Spectrum rocket. The Spectrum will be a first of its kind since it is the pioneer privately developed spacecraft in Germany.

Spectrum is twenty-seven metres tall and will have the designated duty of sending small sats into orbit. These payloads are intended to weigh between a few kilos to a max of a tonne. It has two stages: the first is powered by 9 Aquila motors with power originating from liquid oxygen and light hydrocarbons.

The second stage is run by the 10th Aquila engine, operating in a void to enhance its functionality. It can also go on and off, allowing different payloads to release once they reach their set destinations.

Companies ISAR Aerospace is in Business With

Other commendable organizations ISAR Aerospace receives financial support from is the European Space Agency and Airbus. Airbus’s Series A just saw a round of capital searching and ISAR Aerospace raked in seventeen million to pursue building their Spectrum rocket.

However that is not all; Airbus also signed an MoU with ISAR Aerospace to market Spectrum and pledged to usher the craft into the global collection of innovative launch systems.

Airbus has a financial interest in Arianespace, which is on a similar route to ISAR Aerospace. There is clear competition, but it is a healthy competition since they both aim to grow the industry.

The Company’s Future Plans 

This German start-up aims to commence Spectrum’s testing by the end of the year and launch the rocket a year later in 2021. Since its inception in 2018, the company seems to be growing fast.

Despite all competition from numerous smallsat rockets in the market, ISAR Aerospace fills in a blank by sending heavier and larger payloads into orbit, making them indispensable. Airbus seems to know what they are doing—killing two birds with one stone.

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