Spotlight; Elecnor Deimos & Terralink

17th Apr 2020
Spotlight; Elecnor Deimos & Terralink

Elecnor Deimos has been a leading name in the aerospace industry for many years. It has a presence in Portugal, the United Kingdom, Romania, Spain, and many other countries. The key areas of operation are transport, maritime, aeronautics, etc. Over the years, the brand has been responsible for launching many satellites that have changed the world dynamics.

Partnership Origin

The company started a partnership with TerraLink in 2015. As a part of the cooperation, TerraLink was able to receive the rights to provide the Earth satellite imagery data, which was obtained from Elecnor Deimos. The incredible experience in successfully delivering aerospace projects has made Elecnor Deimos one of the top choices for data sourcing. Apart from the aerospace projects, the company has also been successful in the Earth remote sensing projects by launching satellites.

The constellation of satellites includes DEIMOS-1 and 2. Both are able to provide a maximum resolution of 0.7 m.

A Bit of History and the Elecnor Deimos and TerraLink Brands

Elecnor Deimos came into existence as part of the Deimos Space. The latter was created in Madrid in 2001. A group of around 20 engineers were responsible for its creation, and they have already possessed a lot of experience in the world of aerospace technology. Meanwhile, Elecnor group is responsible for running the technology division – Elecnor Deimos. The brand employs more than 500 people in several branches around the world. Yet, the brand is headquartered in Spain from where all the operations are coordinated.

TerraLink has been the top consulting firm in its field for quite a while. The company has agencies in six countries with more than 700 people in the workforce. A specialist in enterprise IT solutions, TerraLink has been able to achieve annual revenue of more than $60 million. The company now provides a lot of workforces who can implement and help in several areas like business automation, enterprise content management, financial management, resource planning, and more.

Over the years, the brand has worked with highly reputable brands like Citibank, BMW, Siemens, Google, Morgan Stanley, and others. It is not a surprise that TerraLink and Elecnor Deimos are looking forward to a bright future.

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