Orbex Space and Elecnor Deimos: The Impact of Their Relationship on Satellite Launches

26th Mar 2020
Orbex Space and Elecnor Deimos: The Impact of Their Relationship on Satellite Launches

Elecnor Deimos is a Spanish company with a UK presence that operates in the production of satellites; which will be transported into orbit on board a launch vehicle. Orbex Space is a Danish launch company with a UK presence and production facilities across Europe (Denmark and Germany mostly). This company has channeled its focus on redesigning an orbital launch vehicle called Prime. The Prime rocket will deliver small satellites into Earth’s orbit.

The Relationship Between Elecnor Deimos and Orbex Space

Both companies are have entered into a strategic partnership as part of the UK’s vertical launch project at Sutherland in Scotland. Although the plans initially suggested otherwise, it looks like Orbex will be the sole supplier of all launch services at the Sutherland site, and likely to be only sending Elecnor Deimos satellites into orbit given the limited capacity at the Sutherland space port.

Here’s what a recent report by the company says

According to a report: “Orbex is a popular company to people, and they have quietly and effectively reached out to be the best European Space Launch Company.” Also, the CEO at Elecnor Deimos added: “Satellite launches have major challenges, by rethinking and reframing these challenges, Orbex Space would be a unique launcher – a Prime Launcher to solve them. For this reason, we are involved in an investor-strategic partnership.”

In which areas would this relationship have a direct impact?

The relationship between these two European companies would affect the following areas:

  • GNC, also called Guidance, Navigation and Control is a section where all algorithms, software, verification processes, as well as test benches and validation are carried out: This relationship promises an advanced navigation and mission support systems in this area.
  • Mission and System Engineering, Mission Analysis: Simpler methods are used for flight dynamics and an enhancement for safety range. Top-notch performance is guaranteed too.
  • Ground Segment Systems: Both Command and Control Centers, Ranging systems, and Ground stations, as well as Ground Support Equipment, are promised.

In conclusion, while Elecnor Deimos works on an advanced system, Orbex Space aims to achieve a safe and efficient execution of small satellite launches in the future. This joint effort could be the partnership made in heaven, although will it be to the detriment of others in the industry as smallsat manufacturers seek launch facilities and in this case one company likely has all the capacity stitched up.

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