Companies in Space: Elecnor Deimos UK, Harwell

2nd Apr 2020
Companies in Space: Elecnor Deimos UK, Harwell

Deimos Space UK Ltd is a subsidiary of the Spanish company Elecnor Deimos. It has its headquarters of in the United Kingdom. This operation center is situated within Harwell Oxford Campus, which is strategically located next to the UK Space Agency. This center was opened in 2013 to house UK operation offering all kinds of services including, Systems and Applications for use in Space. Here, the UK headquarters control all minor markets in the global marketplace for space both in English-speaking countries and those with links to the United Kingdom.

Deimos Space UK Area of Expertise

Being an operational center for many markets, there are areas the company extends its services to. These are the areas of expertise, and they include:

  • Mission and Flight Engineering: Providing spacecraft and other mechanics for missions.
  • Global Navigation Satellite Systems: Designing satellites that would travel for a duration of time to get observations from space and earth.
  • Flight Software Systems: Inbuilt systems added to spacecraft for a response to changes in space.
  • Ground Segment Systems: The system would relay and download data from space to ground segment in near real-time.
  • Space Situational Awareness: Provides info on the situation.
  • Remote Sensing Applications: These applications would help satellite respond to directional changes.
  • Provision of Image Data: Like those from Deimos-1 and Deimos-2, adding an inbuilt camera with panochromic features to provide images in close-enough view.

Project Aim

Generally, Elecnor Deimos has designed and operated two remote sensing satellites – Deimos-1 and Deimos-2. These satellites have done both imaging and earth observation, respectively. However, the applications used by these satellites were designed by Deimos Space UK Ltd.

Elecnor Deimos has different subsidiaries all over the world, and each of them has roles to play in the effective functioning of the satellite company. Above is the UK center with areas of expertise and how they have contributed immensely to the overall Deimos business.

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