Companies in Space – Elecnor Deimos, Spain

9th Mar 2020
Companies in Space – Elecnor Deimos, Spain
Spanish company Elecnor Deimos is recognized as one of the world leaders in design, development, and system integration of solutions in aerospace and defense sectors, as well as producing telecommunication and remote sensing satellites. This company is a spin off from Deimos Space, an organization founded in 2001 in Madrid by a group of 20 engineers with significant experience in the aerospace industry. Elecnor Group technology division has branches in ten countries and a staff of about 500.

Focus on space

Elecnor Deimos focuses its major activities on space. Remote sensing satellites DEIMOS-1 and DEIMOS-2 with a resolution of up to 0.7 m are its most well known products, and dozens of international companies use data obtained from these devices. Many experts believe that this Spanish company will play a crucial role in the next-generation ERS satellite development.
Deimos 1
Deimos 1
Today, Elecnor Deimos is one of the key players in the European aerospace industry with direct operations in Spain, UK, Portugal, Romania, and Italy. This company is considered a leading developer of space monitoring systems.

Elecnor Deimos Main projects

Elecnor Deimos partners up with the European Space Agency (ESA) to design scientific space missions. Together, they work on analysis, system integration of equipment, orientation and orbit control, the interaction of airborne systems with the ground segment, etc. Today, the company is engaged in three promising projects: · RRTB ─ a project to create systems for launching shuttle-type satellites into orbit. Eight partners from six European countries are involved in RRTB; · GS4EO ─ construction of the ground operations/equipment for the Galileo system; · a project with launch company Orbex in UK. They introduced an innovative Prime launch vehicle with 3D-printed engine components, running on biofuel. Elecnor Deimos will provide range services for Orbex launches at Sutherland spaceport. The company is developing subsystems for Earth monitoring satellites Sentinel, SMOS, GOCE, Aeolus, Flex, Meteosat. Besides, Elecnor Deimos is actively involved in the European project ExoMars (together with Thales Alenia Space) that aims to find life on Mars.
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