42 Universe Tattoo Ideas You Need To See Before Getting A New Ink

4th Mar 2024
42 Universe Tattoo Ideas You Need To See Before Getting A New Ink

What comes to your mind when you think about a universe tattoo? Something vast and complex, an image of unattainable space with myriads of planets, constellations, comets, and cosmic dust that makes up literally everything on Earth, even our bodies. People have always wanted to underline our connection to the universe, transforming the imagination of it into art.

Universe tattoo ideas vary from minimalistic to large, take various forms, can be coloured or black and white, be disignated for men, women or couples. Still, every universe tattoo is as unique as space and a human: let’s dive into their variety from different artists on Instagram! Sure, you’ll find something for yourself – or your beloved and close people.

Universe Tattoo Sleeve

Sleeves are probably one of the most common form for universe tattoo – and no wonder: they are the best way to express the immensity of space. Imagine adorning your arm with an entire galaxy, each swirl and cosmic formation telling its own story. Alternatively, delve into the abstraction, scattering stars and planets in a mesmerizing dance that mirrors the unpredictability of the cosmos. Here is a broad field for your imagination: you can draw an entire galaxy on your hand, an abstraction with scattered stars and planets, combine earthly and heavenly motifs, or integrate something personal of your own into the space themeЖ constellations representing significant dates or celestial bodies symbolizing cherished memories.

Universe tattoo sleeves
Sleeve universe tattoo sleeve

Universe Tattoo For Her

If you want to add elegance to your universe tattoo, you can unite images of flowers, butterflies and choose light, soft, and gentle colours. Additionally, elevate the design further by incorporating intricate, flowing linework, adding a sense of fluidity and grace. Introducing meaningful symbols into the universe tattoo enhances its depth, creating a personalized narrative that resonates with the wearer.

Universe tattoo for her
For her universe tattoo

Universe Tattoo For Him

In contrary, universe tattoo for him can express strength and other features of masculinity with striking visual contrasts, bold lines. Imaging galaxies, planets can be united with a man silhouette walking forward. This universe tattoo becomes more than just body art; it transforms into a dynamic portrayal of strength, progress, and the boundless potential encapsulated within the cosmic imagery.

Universe tattoo for him
Universe tattoo for him

Universe Tattoo For Couples

Universe tattoos for couples are a perfect choice to express infinite love and add something memorable. There are lots of variants of such designs, but the most common is the opposition of the moon and the sun as male and female energies. This celestial duality captures the essence of cosmic balance and signifies the harmonious union of two individuals. The moon, with its gentle glow, mirrors the feminine energy, while the sun radiates strength and vitality, representing the masculine. Together, these celestial counterparts create a visual poetry that speaks to the eternal dance of love shared between two cosmic souls.

Universe tattoo for couples
Universe tattoo for couples

Cosmic motifs can also be combined with traditional symbols of love – as in this tattoo below, where planets and stars “pour out” from the heart. This tattoo design beautifully harmonizes the celestial and the sentimental, depicting the heart as a cosmic source radiating love.

Universe tattoo for couples - 2

Small Tattoos

If you do not want to make a huge tattoo, but have always dreamt to wear a piece of cosmos – a small universe tattoo is what you need. Their advantage is that they can be hidden on the body so that only you can see them. Or, on the contrary, to be in a prominent place, emphasizing the elegance of the collarbone or wrist.

For a small universe tattoo, consider minimalist representations of celestial elements such as:

stars and constellations delicately inked on the wrist;

Moon phases, perhaps on the collarbone that can symbolise the cyclical nature of life and love;

galaxy dotwork – ideal for smaller spaces;

tiny planets in orbit around a focal point;

various cosmic symbols like a comet or a swirling galaxy, adding an element of mystique to your chosen location.

Small universe tattoo
Small universe tattoo 2

Complex Tattoos

Complex universe tattoos can include many elements, reflecting the comprehensiveness of our world. Try to incorporate symbols that resonate with your personal beliefs or values. This will transform the tattoo into a visual manifestation of your philosophical thoughts. Such a tailored tattoo will surely become an aesthetic marvel that invites admiration from onlookers!

Complex universe tattoo

Black And White Universe Tattoo

A classical variant is a black-and-white universe tattoo. Stripping away colour, these designs are concentrated on the intricate details of celestial bodies, galaxies, and other cosmic elements. A black-and-white universe tattoo has several advantages:

  • they complement various skin tones;
  • they are more durable and require less maintenance than colour tattoos;
  • the absence of colour allows viewers to focus on the shapes and forms;
  • Choose them if you want yourself a timeless and sophisticated ever-green tattoo!
Black and white universe tattoo

Colour Universe Tattoo

However, if you’re an artistic soul who revels in experimentation, a colour universe tattoo is just what you need! Colours breathe life into cosmic scenes, allowing for a personalised expression of your connection to the space.

Here are some advantages of opting for a color universe tattoo:

  • colour tattoos offer versatility in design;
  • colours can evoke specific bright emotions and moods;
  • the colours you choose can reflect your unique personality.

Although they are not so durable as black and white tattoos, timely correction will allow you admire your tattoo for a long time!

Colour universe tattoo

Parallel Universe Tattoo

The concept of parallel universes is distinct theme in art, and the tattoos as well. Don’t be afraid to experiment with it: parallel universe tattoos can feature imaginative and surreal elements. In the image below, you can see a parallel world intertwined with ours. We really like the idea of creating your own reality – so embrace the surreal, venture into the fantastical, and let your ink become a portal to the limitless realms of imagination!

Parallel universe tattoo
Parallel universe2

Spiritual Tattoo

A spiritual universe tattoo is a great way to depict your inner world and delicateness to spiritual growth. Each symbol of such a tattoo carries deep meaning, making a spiritual universe tattoo not just body art, but a visual manifestation of our connection with the universe.

Here are some symbols commonly used in spiritual universe tattoos:

mandalas are intricate geometric patterns that symbolize unity, harmony, and the cosmos;

tree of life – a universal symbol in many cultures that growth, connection, and the cyclical nature of existence;

sacred geometry: symbols like the Flower of Life, Metatron’s Cube, or the Sri Yantra are geometric patterns believed to hold spiritual significance;

Yin and Yang – symbols representing the dualistic nature of existence;

Ankh – originating from ancient Egypt, the Ankh is a symbol of life and immortality;

Zen Circle (Enso): In Zen Buddhism, the Enso is a hand-drawn circle symbolizing enlightenment, strength, and the universe.

Spiritual universe tattoo
Spiritual universe tattoo2

Minimalist Tattoos

They can be associated with the small universe tattoos above – but the difference is that minimalist universe tattoos include a minimal set of elements (lines, dots). Unlike their more detailed counterparts, minimalist universe tattoos embrace a less-is-more philosophy. These tattoo designs prioritise simplicity and elegance, focusing on the essence of space-related imagery without the need for elaborate details.

One notable feature of minimalist universe tattoos is their ability to evoke a sense of beauty and wonder without adhering to a strict representation of scientific accuracy. While other small universe tattoos may seek to depict specific celestial arrangements or cosmic phenomena, minimalist designs often prioritize aesthetics over precise cosmic accuracy. As a result, they frequently showcase ethereal space objects like stars, planets, or comets in a visually appealing and abstract manner.

Minimalist universe tattoo
Minimalistic universe tattoo

Large Universe Tattoo

Large universe tattoos stand out as expansive and awe-inspiring body art, resembling grand paintings that transform the skin into a canvas for the wonders of the universe. Encompassing significant portions of the body, these tattoos showcase detailed cosmic scenes with vivid depictions of galaxies, nebulae, and celestial phenomena. The expansive nature of large universe tattoos allows for a narrative to unfold across the skin. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, large universe tattoos may also symbolize a deep appreciation for the vastness of the cosmos and a sense of one’s place within it.

Large universe tattoo
Large universe tattoo2

As you see, universe tattoos can be as diverse as the space they draw inspiration from. As a form of self-expression, universe tattoos serve as a reminder of the vastness of the space and the unique experiences each person brings to their understanding of it. This way, these tattoos become more than mere body art; they always encapsulate personal narratives and a profound connection to the wonders of our world.

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