Scotland’s Space Tech Firm Satellite Vu Gets a New Launch Deal with SpaceX

16th Mar 2022
Scotland’s Space Tech Firm Satellite Vu Gets a New Launch Deal with SpaceX

A prominent Scottish Space Company, Satellite Vu, has recently signed a large deal with SpaceX to send a whole range of imaging satellites up into space. It is hoped that they will be deployed into space by 2023. The new satellites will be taken up by one of SpaceX’s rockets of the Falcon 9 model.

A New Mission

Scotland’s space company’s new satellites will join many currently up into lower Earth orbit. Satellite Vu states that its new mission with SpaceX and the resulting new constellation of satellites will be valuable for society. They will have the means to collect thermal data of the natural and built environment at any location on Earth, plus they will be able to measure the heat signature of buildings multiple times a day. Readings like these will give people accurate real-time insights into how much heat buildings lose, paving the way for future energy optimisation investments.

Better for the environment

As the world struggles to decrease its carbon emissions and the potential negative consequences of climate change, the following constellation of satellites and SSTL will provide a large amount of data needed to help our planet. Both businesses and governments will soon be able to more accurately monitor how much energy they waste in order to take the right action and reduce environmental damage. Scotland’s space sector has never been as exciting as it is today.

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