The Worm Is Back! NASA Prints Vintage Logo On Artemis II SLS Rocket

20th Feb 2024
The Worm Is Back! NASA Prints Vintage Logo On Artemis II SLS Rocket

Getting back to their 1975 makeover, NASA has marked their Artemis II rocket with their vintage worm logo. Retired in 2020, the logo was only to be used on special missions and projects after almost 30-years in action. Such missions include NASA’s flagship Artemis programme in which they will attempt to return astronauts to the lunar surface.  

Now, the worm has been installed on the agency’s Space Launch System (SLS) booster. Additionally, they also took the opportunity to add it to the Orion spacecraft module adapter that will be used by the crew during the Artemis II mission

Worm Logo On The Artemis II Rocket

NASA has pulled the worm logo out of retirement for use on their Artemis spacecraft. NASA’s Exploration Ground Systems, in conjunction with contractor Jacobs, painted the retro logo onto two of the SLS rocket boosters. The logo is massive, measuring 25 feet – “a little less than the length of one of the rocket’s booster motor segments,” NASA added.  

Significantly, according to NASA, the SLS boosters are the “largest, most powerful solid propellant boosters ever flown”. Equally, they supply a thrust range of 75% at launch. Seeing as the programme is in collaboration with the European Space Agency, their logo has also been adhered to the separate crew module, alongside the vintage logo. 

In a statement, NASA said: “Art and science merge as teams add the NASA “worm” logo on the SLS (Space Launch System) solid rocket boosters and the Orion spacecraft’s crew module adapter at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.” 

The History Of The Worm Logo

Labelled an “iconic logo” by NASA, it was first introduced to the agency’s space programme in 1975. As such, the logo symbolised NASA’s modern era and was crafted by Danne and Blackburn. NASA used the logo on their spacecraft for upwards of 30 years. However, they made the decision to retire the emblem in 2020. Since then, it has been stored for “limited use on select missions and products,” NASA said. 

Artemis II & III Missions

NASA is gearing up for their next Moon-based mission: Artemis II. This mission will entail astronauts completing a flight around the Moon, lasting around 10 days. As such, the mission will endeavour to test NASA’s ability to send humans into deep space. Ultimately, this feat will set the scene for their forthcoming Artemis III mission, where NASA will attempt to place boots on the lunar surface once more. 

In addition, Using the Orion and SLS spacecraft, the first female and person of colour will attempt to land on the Moon under Artemis III. This is in addition to the first astronaut enlisted in an international NASA partnership. Artemis II is set to launch sometime in 2025 after the original launch date of April, 2023 was abandoned. Artemis III, however, is earmarked for a September 2026 launch.   

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