Cornwall’s Blue Abyss to Build Astronaut Training Site in the U.S.

16th Jan 2024
Cornwall’s Blue Abyss to Build Astronaut Training Site in the U.S.

UK-based company Blue Abyss recently announced the acquisition of 12 acres of land situated in Brook Park, Ohio. This land will be utilized to construct a cutting-edge facility specifically designed for conducting research, development, and training in extreme environments. 

The Blue Abyss Center, which is also set to include a hotel, will be constructed within close proximity to NASA’s Glenn Research Center and adjacent to the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Upon completion, the facility will have what the company claims will be the largest and deepest R&D pool worldwide, measuring 40 by 50 meters, with a 16-meter shaft extending to a depth of 50 meters. Additionally, the centre will feature a human centrifuge and hyperbaric and hypobaric chambers, and the nearby airport will be utilized to conduct parabolic flights for microgravity training and research.

Construction of Ohio Facility to Commence in the Latter Half of 2024

Following the announcement of the land purchase, Cleveland mayor Edward Orcut expressed his optimism towards the project’s potential impact on his city. He suggested that Brook Park could play a significant role in the journey towards the next generation of space exploration. Blue Abyss has revealed that it plans to commence the facility’s construction in the latter half of 2024. The company is currently working towards securing funding to complete the project.

Blue Abyss CEO Calls for Greater Support for UK Facility

Besides its facility in the United States, Blue Abyss is constructing a similar facility in Cornwall, UK, where it is based. Although the project is progressing, the company has expressed concern over inadequate support for its UK facility. 

John Vickers, Blue Abyss CEO, confirmed that the company is in contact and liaising with both Cornwall Council and the UK government at large concerning its plans. Nevertheless, he expressed his wish for more substantial backing for projects like theirs, which aim to support various sectors in the UK.

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