Spaceport Cornwall Will Become Home to Blue Abyss Training Pool

14th Jun 2021
Spaceport Cornwall Will Become Home to Blue Abyss Training Pool

Blue Abyss training pool, the deepest in England, should appear close to the facilities of Spaceport Cornwall by 2023. The training pool will hold 11 million gallons of water and will be used for a variety of scientific experiments, from robotic testing to replicating zero-gravity conditions for the astronauts. Right now, Blue Abyss is finalising all necessary construction permissions.

Spaceport Cornwall Applications for the Pool

The indoor pool linked to Spaceport Cornwall will become a great addition to the facility because it will offer a vast training ground for future astronauts. Besides training astronauts in conditions that resemble zero gravity, the Blue Abyss training pool will be used to test all sorts of underwater equipment. The facility will help study the long-term effects of staying underwater on the human body and will be the top choice for testing drone and robot technologies. The pool should become a part of Spaceport Cornwall and is planned for construction near Goonhilly ground station.

Blue Abyss Training Pool Specs

The ambitious project will require £150 million to implement. The actual pool is expected to be 164 feet long and 132 feet wide. If we compare this scale with a standard Olympic pool, we get 17 times larger in size. Besides, the Blue Abyss training pool will occupy ten acres of land in Spaceport Cornwall.

The project was proposed by British astronaut Tim Peake and ex-forces diving instructor John Vickers. Robin Partington, a leading architect on this project, said that the facility would include the actual pool, the astronaut training centre, microgravity suite, and an education zone with at least six classrooms.

According to Blue Abyss training pool project participants, Spaceport Cornwall is the natural place for this facility aimed at advancing aerospace and underwater robotics.

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