The Moonwalkers: a lunar journey with Tom Hanks in London’s Lightroom 

8th Dec 2023
The Moonwalkers: a lunar journey with Tom Hanks in London’s Lightroom 

A multimedia show “The Moonwalkers” telling the stories of the Apollo missions in collaboration with Tom Hanks started in London’s Lightroom. The show will run from 6 December 2023 until 21 April 2024 and will be available for all ages.

What is “The Moonwalkers”?

This show is a sensory masterpiece that seamlessly integrates visual, auditory, and light components. Simultaneously, it is a short but still detailed chronicle of NASA’s journey through space exploration. Delving into the intricacies of the Apollo missions with a close and personal touch, “The Moonwalkers” narrates the tales of the historic Apollo moon landings and the planned new Artemis missions.

Utilizing original NASA footage and stunning visuals from Andy Saunders’ Apollo Remastered, Lightroom’s expansive space undergoes a captivating metamorphosis into an immersive journey to the lunar surface. Co-directed by Nick Corrigan and Lysander Ashton of 59 Productions, the experience promises to bring the awe-inspiring lunar adventure to life. 

Tom Hanks’s participation

Tom Hanks is the main narrator and co-writer of this immersive multimedia show. The event includes revealing interviews between Tom Hanks and the astronauts set to embark on the Artemis missions. When writing “The Moonwalkers”, Hanks collaborated with Christopher Riley, a double BAFTA-nominated writer-director renowned for his groundbreaking work on numerous space-themed films and television programs. Riley’s contributions span across productions for esteemed platforms such as the BBC, Netflix, and PBS.

Tom Hanks in Lightroom
Tom Hanks in Lightroom. Image credit: Justin Sutcliffe via Lightroom

The audial accompaniment of the show

Hanks personally lends his voice to the narration, complemented by an awe-inspiring original score crafted by Anne Nikitin. Nikitin, known for her notable contributions to the Apple TV+ series “HIJACK” featuring Idris Elba and the acclaimed heist film “American Animals” starring Evan Peters and Barry Keoghan, brings her exceptional musical talent to enhance the experience.

The visuals of “The Moonwalkers”

Throughout the Apollo program, twelve astronauts who walked on the Moon captured numerous original photographs using medium-format Hasselblad cameras. For decades, almost every publicly available image of the Moon landings originated from lower-quality copies of these originals.

In the case of Apollo Remastered, Andy Saunders has achieved a groundbreaking feat by digitally remastering images from every mission directly from the original film, a first-time accomplishment. Unveiling details lost for half a century, these remastered images provide astonishing new perspectives and create a mesmerizing retrospective of humanity’s greatest adventure. Within Lightroom’s expansive space, these images are presented in a manner never seen before – at a scale that wholly immerses the viewer, transporting them to the lunar surface.

An Apollo Remastered image, full scale in Lightroom
An Apollo Remastered image, full scale in Lightroom

Ticket prices and show duration

Ticket prices for adults start at £25, for students & under 18s Start at £15, and for under 3s: attendance is free.

Each show has a duration of approximately 50 minutes. However, as reported on the official site of Lightroom, the guests are welcome to stay for more than one show.

What is Lightroom?

Lightroom is an innovative showspace located in London. It establishes new venues for extraordinary artist-led exhibitions worldwide. “We invite the world’s leading creative minds to use our vast space and revolutionary technology to create something completely new”, they say.

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