Top Space Events And Conferences to Visit in the UK in December 2022

1st Dec 2022
Top Space Events And Conferences to Visit in the UK in December 2022

The last month of 2022 is here. And while you are busy planning your Christmas celebration and searching for the best presents for your beloved ones, you could also visit some of the most interesting space events in December 2022. 

Oxford Space Networking Drinks – Christmas!

When: 1 December

Where: The Oxford Retreat, Study room, first floor! 1-2 Hythe Bridge Street Oxford OX1 2EW United Kingdom

If you want to meet new people from across the space industry or you work in the space sector and like to talk about it, welcome to the Oxford Space Networking free event. There you can share and discuss what is new in the space sector and enjoy a hot drink.

Going beyond Einstein to understand the Universe

When: 2 December

Where: Augustine United Church 41 George IV Bridge Edinburgh EH1 1EL United Kingdom; online at:

Explore a scientific event about our cosmos that Dr. Indranil Banik of the University of St. Andrews has produced. On galactic sizes, you’ll see some of the countless accurate predictions produced by MOND, as well as some of its difficulties on bigger scales. By the talk’s conclusion, you will understand how a hybrid model that incorporates MOND gravity and a diffuse dark matter component on large scales may successfully answer the majority of significant lines of astronomical data, ranging from the early Universe to the closest galaxies. That’s not all, either.

Cornwall Space Networking: Space Careers and Study

When: 2 December

Where: Spaceport Cornwall Event Marquee Spaceport Cornwall Newquay, Cornwall TR8 4RQ United Kingdom

Anyone in Cornwall interested in space and aerospace is welcome to attend this networking event. Whether you produce satellite components, utilize earth observation data for mining exploration, or create space software, you may already be employed in the aerospace and space industries. Or perhaps you’re interested in learning more because you work or attend school in a different field – hurry up and buy a ticket. They’re almost sold out!

Explore the universe from Mugdock

When: 5 December

Where: Mugdock Country Park Mugdock visitor centre Glasgow G62 8EL United Kingdom

Dress warmly and explore the universe with other space enthusiasts. You have an opportunity to see stars, galaxies, planets, meteors, satellites, and more with your own eyes and through the Astronomical Society of Glasgow’s telescopes. Or, if the weather is cloudy, the astronauts will guide you through the wonders of the night sky and provide advice on how to make the most of your own eyes, binoculars, and telescopes. You can also bring children aged 7 and over.

Space Lates – Apollo 17

When: 7 December

Where: National Space Centre

This space event is dedicated to celebrating the 50th anniversary after the last human left the Moon while we are waiting for the comeback of the Orion spacecraft. Apollo 17 was the last crewed mission to the Moon. During the event, guests will be able to hear from scientists and other experts in lunar exploration about the achievements of the last Apollo Program and its legacy. Participants will also get a chance to explore National Space Centre’s galleries after hours and engage in a live astronomy session afterward, provided favourable weather conditions.

From Launch to first science, a JWST year to remember

When: 7 December

Where: Darwin Lecture Theatre University of Central Lancashire Fylde Road Preston PR1 2HE United Kingdom

JWST has been taking the world’s collective breath away with its technological sophistication and revolutionary science ever since its launch from the Guiana Space Center on Christmas Day 2021. Dr. Pamela Klaassen of the UK Astronomy Centre in Edinburgh will discuss how we got to where we are today, stopping along the way to discuss construction, launch, and commissioning before moving on to discuss some of the amazing science that has already been accomplished with this incredible space telescope.

Exoplanets followed by stargazing at the Richmond Hall, Tomintoul

When: 7 December

Where: Richmond Memorial Hall Tomnabat Lane Tomintoul AB37 9EZ United Kingdom

Over the past few years, we have been told that more and more planets are being discovered orbiting other stars. How do we know they are there? What are they like? Is there another Earth out there? Is it worth exploring exoplanets? Join the event to find out the answers to all this and more. The presentation will be followed by a stargazing or telescope session in Tomintoul, weather permitting.

Imperial Lates: Look Up

When: 8 December

Where: Imperial College London College Main Entrance Exhibition Road London SW7 2AZ United Kingdom

Join the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the last human footstep on the Moon during this festive season and explore the science above our heads at free Imperial Lates. You’ll participate in a pub-less quiz and explore the future exploration of the moon by making your own festive lunar ornaments with illustrator Hana Ayoob and Imperial scientists. Register for this Imperial Lates to receive a preview of the full programme of live demonstrations, workshops, and talks.

PocketQube Workshop Conference 2022

When: 8th – 9th December

Where: 32 University Ave, Glasgow G12 8LX, 32 University Ave, Glasgow, Lanarkshire G12 8LX United Kingdom

Don’t miss one of the biggest PocketQube Workshops of the Year. The 6th Annual PocketQube workshop is an international conference addressing the technical challenges associated with developing PocketQube technology for widening space access, shaping the future of space democratization in the process. It’s a unique forum for collaboration between industry professionals, academic researchers, and students who are developing the new and rapidly growing field of pico-satellites.

Astronomy at Stonehaugh – The Dark Universe

When: 9 December

Where: Stonehaugh Activity Centre Stonehaugh Activity Centre Stonehaugh Hexham NE483DZ United Kingdom

Black holes, Dark matter, and Dark energy are terms used for things we can’t see, so how do we know they actually exist? Dark matter and Dark energy are quite new to most people, terms used to explain the way the universe is behaving and how it is expanding. If you want to find answers to some of the questions, welcome to this space event.

Stargazing Evening

When: 17 December

Where: Markshall Estate Marks Hall Road Coggeshall CO6 1TG United Kingdom

Whether you want to invite your beloved one on a perfect day, spend some time with your kids, or by yourself, you can take a chance and discover the natural beauty of the night sky at Markshall Estate with the North Essex Astronomical Society. There you will learn about constellations, meteors, and more. Suitable for all ages, this event is ideal for seasoned stargazers and new astronomers alike.

Moon in the Square Telescope Session

When: 29 December

Where: Tomintoul & Glenlivet Discovery Centre The Square Tomintoul AB37 9ET United Kingdom

The end of 2022 can also be associated with space. Join Cairngorms Astronomy Club and TGDT in The Square, Tomintoul, for a Moon viewing session. There’s the Celestron telescope and a smartphone bracket that will allow you to take the Moon home in your pocket!

We hope that our list of space events in December 2022 will be useful and bring you a lot of new impressions, knowledge, and connections. We hope that your interest in space will grow after visiting at least one of the events in the lift. 

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