The Beaver Moon: see the photos of the second to last full Moon 2023

29th Nov 2023
The Beaver Moon: see the photos of the second to last full Moon 2023

On Monday, 27 November, photographers worldwide aimed their lenses at the night sky to document a mesmerizing lunar event – the Beaver Moon. This marked the second to last full Moon of 2023.

Why are beavers here?

The Full Beaver Moon is named because it appears during the season when beavers start heading to their dens for winter. It also signifies the period when trappers used to hunt beavers to acquire their dense winter fur.

If you missed this night sky miracle, we collected its most stunning images made by photographers on social media below.

See the Beaver Moon from different corners around the Globe

In the captured image by Chris Fukuda, a prominent and vivid orange-coloured Beaver Moon graces the skies over Washington DC. The moon appears large and stands out with its bright hue, creating a striking and captivating celestial scene.

Ed Rader’s photograph depicts the Beaver Moon rising above Alcatraz on Monday night. The image showcases a captivating contrast as the moon’s presence contrasts beautifully with the light blue skies.

Matt Frank’s photographs represent the full Beaver Moon ascending over Nahant Beach in Massachusetts. Look at this rare and enchanting sight of the moon bathed in a gentle pink hue, casting its reflection upon the tranquil and silent waters below. Such a dreamy view!

In David Costello’s image, the Full Moon emerges from the clouds positioned between the iconic Poolbeg Chimneys. The scene exudes a sense of mystery, resembling a painting crafted by a realist artist. The moon’s appearance, juxtaposed with the atmospheric clouds and industrial chimneys, creates a captivating and evocative composition.

Gary Hershorn’s camera lens caught a brave few who ventured out onto the frigid EdgeNYC outdoor observation deck on a cold evening. In the backdrop, the Beaver Moon ascends over New York City, creating a breathtaking and chilly scene for those who dared to witness the celestial spectacle.

Brendan Ramsey’s image paints a vivid picture of the full Beaver Moon gracefully ascending behind the majestic Whitehorse Mountain. The moon’s luminous glow against the mountainous backdrop likely adds a touch of enchantment to the natural beauty of the scene.

Mark your calendars for the upcoming memorable sight! The final full Moon of 2023, known as the Cold Moon, is anticipated to grace the night sky on 26 December.

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