Astrophotos of the Week: a new section dedicated to Space’s infinite beauty

26th Nov 2023
Astrophotos of the Week: a new section dedicated to Space’s infinite beauty

A weekly collection of awe-inspiring snapshots from amateur astrophotographers from social media will unite the best pictures of the stars, planets, nebulae and other Space objects.

Our new “Astrophotos of the week” section: what will be in it?

In the vast expanse of the universe, amateurs armed with telescopes and cameras capture breathtaking moments that unveil the wonders of the cosmos. Welcome to our first “Photos of the Week” article, where we dive into the mesmerizing world of space photography curated from the lenses of dedicated amateur astrophotographers across social media!

Each week, we’ll be scouring social media for the most stunning images of stars, planets and nebulae. The best of them, in our subjective opinion, will be published at the end of the week in a review article. Astrophotographers, watch out: your work may be on our list next week!

A celestial showcase by amateur astrophotographers

Our first article of the section will be dedicated to the wide Space: from the cosmic dance of galaxies to the intricate details of nebulas. Each image tells a unique story, a testament to the passion and skill of the individuals who aim their cameras toward the heavens.

Bray Fall’s Nebula

An amazing photo of the Bray Fall’s Nebula opens our list. “A couple months ago I discovered an extremely abnormal nebula in the southern constellation Phoenix. This thing is so big, and so weird, I’ve named it “The Phoenix Nebula”, says Bray. 

Bathed in vibrant hues, this celestial marvel immediately captures the imagination with its extraordinary appearance. At first glance, the nebula reveals an intense and captivating shade of bright red that dominates its outer regions. However, what makes “The Phoenix Nebula” particularly enchanting is the contrasting light blue tones that gracefully adorn its inner core.

The Big Dipper

The subsequent image captures The Big Dipper in the nocturnal expanse, skillfully framed by Trevor Jones. The brilliant stars of this iconic constellation shine prominently against the dark canvas of the night sky. They form a striking contrast with the silhouetted branches of the trees in the background. The visual juxtaposition of the celestial display and the earthly elements creates a truly stunning sight. It showcasts both the cosmic grandeur of the stars and the terrestrial beauty of the natural surroundings. 

Aurora and the Milky Way

Alex Roig’s captivating images of the Aurora and the Milky Way, captured from the enchanting point of Tromsø, Norway, offer a breathtaking celestial spectacle. The delicate azure hues of the northern lights gracefully intersect with the luminous beauty of the Milky Way, painting an ethereal canvas in the night sky. Against the backdrop of Norway’s snow-clad mountains, these celestial wonders harmonize, weaving a mesmerizing tableau that evokes a profound sense of dreaminess and romance.

The Pleiades by Álvaro

A splendid detailed image of The Pleiades by Álvaro Ibáñez Pérez continues our list. Impressive shades of blue intertwine with the bright orange glow of the stars. By the way, the Pleiades, often referred to as the Seven Sisters, are known for their striking blue appearance, attributed to their youth and the scattering of starlight by the surrounding interstellar dust. The Pleiades is easily visible to the naked eye. Comprising several prominent stars, the cluster is a captivating sight in the night sky. 

Bajamar Star

Alex Hawkinson shared an image of Bajamar Star – “the most iconic nebulae of our summertime and fall skies”, as he mentioned. Additionally, he investigated what star is responsible for ionizing the interstellar gas across this vast swath of local space and shared his thoughts in the thread below.The star marked in this captivating image has been bestowed with the name “Bajamar Star.”

 The nomenclature pays homage to the original name for the Bahamas, known as “Islas de Bajamar”, a title that holds historical significance. Positioned near the “Florida coast” of the North America Nebula, the Bajamar Star emerges as a celestial beacon in the vast cosmic landscape, tying together astronomical wonders with earthly references in a harmonious cosmic dance.

The Starship launch

Concluding our weekly showcase is the spectacular collection of photographs documenting the Starship launch, expertly crafted by John Kraus. Notably, Kraus shared, “This flight of Starship was my 250th rocket launch photographed since I started almost 9 years ago.” In these remarkable images, we witness the pivotal moment of Starship’s departure from the spaceport this past Saturday, November 18th, encapsulating the dynamic beauty of space exploration. No doubt, historic pictures!

Wrapping up this week’s collection, the snapshots of celestial wonders and the Starship launch leave us excited for more cosmic discoveries ahead. Stay tuned for the next batch of awe-inspiring shots!

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