Oxfordshire Tech Firm Aims to Meet UK’s Energy Needs with Space Solar Farms

25th Oct 2023
Oxfordshire Tech Firm Aims to Meet UK’s Energy Needs with Space Solar Farms

Technology firm Space Solar, located in Harwell, Oxfordshire, is designing solar farms to be placed in orbit. They claim have the potential to fulfill at least part of the United Kingdom’s future energy requirements.

The designed solar array will span two kilometers in length and is intended to orbit above Earth. The energy generated will be transmitted to Earth-based receivers using a technology similar to the way mobile phone signals are transmitted. The company aims to have this cutting-edge energy solution operational as early as 2035.

Sam Alden, speaking on behalf of Space Solar, had this to say: 

“Space-based solar power has long been considered the ultimate clean energy source. We’re really going to be able to make a material impact on net zero and a bright future for the planet.”

Benefits of Space Solar Technology

According to the tech firm, the technology is projected to generate significantly more renewable energy compared to its Earth-based counterparts and is designed to remain operational round-the-clock.

Alden explained that the antenna fields occupy only half the land area required by terrestrial solar energy farms and a mere tenth of the space needed for offshore wind farms. Moreover, this technology is expected to produce 13 times more energy than traditional renewable sources.

Alden further stated the company’s target was to set up 600 satellites that would be able to deliver 20% of Earth’s energy supply.

The UK government has allocated £6 million towards research projects focusing on space solar technology within the country and an additional £5 million investment in the international initiative called CASSIOPeiA. Also based in Harwell, CASSIOPeiA, is one of the noted organizations that will be overseeing the project.

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