Scotland & UAE To Build On Industry Momentum

10th Jun 2022
Scotland & UAE To Build On Industry Momentum

Scotland is looking toward the Middle East as a growth market in the space industry. As part of this effort, Edinburgh-based strategic space marketing company AstroAgency is teaming up with a Dubai-based space advisory and investment firm, AzurX. This comes after the launch of the Scottish Space Strategy at the Dubai 2020 Expo.

The Scottish space community sees this strategic alliance as a way to continue momentum by facilitating their access to business development and new investment opportunities in the UAE.

It Started with Scottish Space Day at Expo 2020 Dubai

Both firms previously worked together on a strategic project in support of the Government in Scotland, resulting in Scottish Space Day being presented at the 2020 Dubai Expo. They recognised that there was an opportunity to keep the momentum moving forward.

The announcement of the new Scottish Space Strategy outlines the immediate plans to support the WSSA, World Space Sustainability Association. Furthermore, discussions are happening regarding dedicated innovation and industrial zones across the UAE.

Daniel Smith, a space entrepreneur who founded the Edinburgh-based AstroAgency back in 2019, said the following: 

“We’re excited to explore further collaboration opportunities around space between the UAE and Scotland, building upon strong foundations from Expo 2020’s Space Week in Dubai.”

Scotland Gathering a Global Space Client Base

The two companies boast a space client base that spans the world. AstroAgency’s global team has a proven track record of working with a variety of governmental agencies. Examples include RAL Space and Science and Technology Facilities Council, the UK’s European Space Agency Business Incubation Centres, and the UK Space Agency. They also work with Astrosat, Euroconsult, Astroscale, and almost 40 other private sector businesses.

AruzX acts as a trusted counsellor and advisor to a growing number of some of the world’s most influential space and aerospace companies, including HySpecIQ, a Satellite Imaging Business backed by venture capitalist Peter Thiel, as well as Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin.

Anna Hazlett, the founder of AruzX, stated:

“Our partnership with AstroAgency has been in the works for some time, AzurX and AstroAgency are both fast-growing private space companies with unparalleled industry connections and experience in our respective regions. We are confident our collaboration will deliver value to business stakeholders, as well as helping to support government space ambitions on both sides.”

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