SatVu Releases First Light Imagery From HOTSAT-1

9th Oct 2023
SatVu Releases First Light Imagery From HOTSAT-1

British climate tech company SatVu have released the First Light imagery from HOTSAT-1, showcasing their cutting-edge thermal imaging technology. 

HOTSAT-1 was launched to improve Earth observation and climate monitoring in particular, and these early images show the advancements made by the satellite’s builders.

Launched into orbit back in June onboard a SpaceX rocket from the Vandenberg Space Force Base in California, this satellite is designed to provide data to help with transformation in economic activities and energy efficiency, and assisting in meeting global Net Zero goals and SDGs.

HOTSAT-1 Detailed Imagery Released

These initial images show some unique insights and new data layers across various locations including Canada and the US, showcasing the high resolution thermal infrared technology that provides much more detail than other satellites.

Imagery from Canada shows active fire fronts from July 2023, which are clearly shown in orange, allowing emergency responders to better predict the speed of progression and the path of the fire, showing the clear application of the satellite.

Anthony Baker, CEO and Co-founder, of SatVu spoke about the release of images: “As we receive the First Light imagery from HOTSAT-1, we are thrilled to announce the transition of our thermal imaging satellite into commercial operation.”

He went on to further explain the benefits: “HOTSAT-1’s ability to capture valuable thermal imagery with applications ranging from logistics optimisation to environmental planning and energy-related decision-making is truly groundbreaking. With this achievement, we move forward with renewed determination, working towards a more sustainable and climate-resilient future, where space technology plays a pivotal role in shaping our world for the better.”

SatVu will now shift to taking their novel datasets to market and creating scalable organisational structure, to ensure their data is usable by the masses. They plan to embark on Series B fundraising in 2024 to further enable their high-frequency thermal monitoring to penetrate the market.

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