London and Sunderland Welcoming Lockheed Martin’s Space Camps 2023 For UK Students

29th Sep 2023
London and Sunderland Welcoming Lockheed Martin’s Space Camps 2023 For UK Students

Viasat, Inc., a company specializing in satellite communications, and Lockheed Martin, an aerospace and defense corporation, have announced a renewed collaboration with the National Space Academy. This partnership will involve the offering of two space camps aimed at children who have an interest in the STEM industry.

Reach for the Stars with Lockheed Martin and Viasat’s Space Camps 2023

This follows the completion of the 2022 Space Camps, during which a consortium of companies, including Lockheed Martin and Inmarsat (recently acquired by Viasat), hosted students from 20 schools across the UK, providing them with an immersive space education experience.

Lockheed Martin and Viasat are set to lead the 2023 Space Camps, with an emphasis on reaching out to a new group of students from various schools. This year, the camps will be open to 90 students in years 6 and 12, providing each young learner with the opportunity to engage in an immersive journey into the world of space exploration.

These Space Camps, led by Viasat and Lockheed Martin, have been designed to develop students’ technical competencies and academic grasp in a broad spectrum of STEM subjects.

Nik Smith, Lockheed Martin Space’s regional director for Europe, said:

“Our mission is to inspire and support students through their educational journey and broaden their understanding of what space really means to the UK – with the hope of encouraging them to not only consider space as a career in STEM but to also build the future of our space economy,” 

“This kind of investment in future generations is critical for developing the cutting-edge workforce needed to position the UK at the forefront of space.”

What Will These New Space Camps Consist of?

The camps will include motivational talks by space industry experts, complemented by a dynamic curriculum from the National Space Academy. The camps have been set up with the aim to serve as a catalyst for nurturing the future leaders of the space industry. Collaborative group assignments, practical technology instruction, and stimulating conversations about the requirements for human space exploration are all things the camps claim to be offering their students.

Todd McDonell, president of Viasat’s international government business, said:

“We’re really excited to continue this collaborative effort with Lockheed Martin to create an engaging and interactive experience for UK students to learn about space.”

“The continued investment and exposure of kids to STEM education experience both in the classroom and beyond is critical to developing the next generation of technology innovation leaders, and it’s especially important to continue building up the UK space sector into a global leader.”

More About Lockheed Martin and Viasat’s Latest Collaboration

Lockheed Martin and Viasat are collaborating once again with several notable organizations in the UK. These include the National Space Academy, which is responsible for sourcing and supplying the curriculum, and RTC North, leading school outreach efforts. Northumbria University’s NUSTEM assesses the impact of the camps and provides valuable insights and data, and the University of Sunderland will host Lockheed Martin’s camp in October.

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