Satellite Vu Thermal Imaging Maps UK Home Heat Loss

12th May 2023
Satellite Vu Thermal Imaging Maps UK Home Heat Loss

A new tool has been deployed in the drive to decarbonise housing. Pioneering technology from Satellite Vu has been put through its paces on a test to map heat loss from properties in Leeds. While the test was carried out by aeroplane, the technology comes from Satellite Vu’s space-related expertise.

Satellite Vu thermal imaging deployed over Leeds

The successful test flight was funded by MCS Charitable Foundation, the net-zero charity, and carried out in collaboration with Leeds City Council. It saw a state-of-the-art thermal imaging camera mounted on an airplane that flew over Leeds to obtain data on individual buildings’ heat loss.

Developed by Satellite Vu, this innovative aerial thermal imaging technique offers unprecedented detail and scale. This means local authorities can more accurately target funding for retrofitting properties by identifying the buildings with the highest heat loss. This data will allow for a more efficient allocation of resources to upgrade and decarbonise the UK housing stock.

Natalia Kuniewicz, Sales Representative at Satellite Vu, has spoken about how thrilled the team is with the successful deployment of their technology. She explained:

“This pioneering technology has the potential to be a game-changer in the race to decarbonise housing stock, providing crucial data to local authorities to enable effective targeting of funding for retrofitting homes.”

Data the key to unlocking funding

The council plans to use the Satellite Vu thermal imaging data to help residents understand heat loss better and to encourage retrofitting in the private sector.

The data will also strengthen the council’s aim to implement local area-based retrofit schemes, like the recent whole-house retrofit in the Holbeck area of 300 mixed-tenure Victorian back-to-back houses.

Leeds City Council executive member for Infrastructure and Climate, Councillor Helen Hayden, has said that this innovative project could completely transform our understanding of heat loss from buildings on a city level. She has said it could potentially unlock “additional investment in energy efficiency measures that cut energy bills and help us tackle climate change.”

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