OneWeb and AWS partner for cloud connectivity

14th Mar 2023
OneWeb and AWS partner for cloud connectivity

Satellite communications company OneWeb has had a busy March so far. On 13th March, the company announced a new collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). This news comes on the heels of OneWeb launching its latest batch of satellites for the Gen 1 constellation.

The London-based company signed a letter of intent with AWS to develop “cloud-based connectivity” to reach more remote parts of the world and offer “competitive” solutions to customers, such as processing satellite data on the cloud for more seamless operations. The OneWeb and Amazon partnership comes as Amazon has been ambitious with its desire to become the primary cloud provider for major satellite companies.

OneWeb and AWS collaboration

According to the press release, the collaboration will provide satellite constellation management solution as a service, and create the “next generation of virtual network functions focused on bringing LEO connectivity” to customers across the globe. Data is thus “turned into useful insights” more quickly for customers to use and apply.

Together, the companies plan to bundle OneWeb’s internet connectivity with AWS’ cloud and edge computing services backed by the LEO constellation; support virtual mission operations through integrated and customizable solutions; provide more data analytics; and deploy seamless cloud-to-edge solutions with a LEO connected user terminal.

The satellite company is confident that combining broadband connectivity with cloud services will allow OneWeb to deliver “advanced connectivity” across the globe.

Bridging the digital divide

With the benefit that cloud computing brings, such as speed and more capacity, plus the backing of LEO satellites, OneWeb and AWS hope to further reduce the digital divide. Cloud computing is slated to be more readily available to the most remote areas through the partnership.

“We are incredibly excited to begin working with AWS to see cloud services extended even closer to the edge thanks to OneWeb’s network,” said Maurizio Vanotti, Vice President for New Markets at OneWeb. “This global agreement will change the market dynamics, with OneWeb’s high-speed, low-latency services powering connectivity that will enable customers to reach even the most remote edges of the world and everywhere in between.”

Closer to constellation completion

Days before the AWS and OneWeb collaboration was announced, the communications company also successfully deployed 40 satellites for its first-generation – or Gen 1 – constellation for global internet coverage. The satellites were launched by SpaceX from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station on Thursday, 9th March at 2:13pm local time.

Within an hour and 35 minutes, the satellites were separated and ground teams successfully communicated with all 40 shortly after.

This brings OneWeb’s number of Gen 1 satellites up in orbit to 582. With the goal being a 648-satellite constellation, OneWeb is inching closer to its “global footprint”, and is set for its next launch later in March with the Indian Space Agency.

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