Eurovision and Satellites: How are they related?

11th May 2023
Eurovision and Satellites: How are they related?

Will you be watching the Eurovision Song Contest? While some of the contestants may seem like they’re from another planet with their brilliant and sometimes wacky performances, Eurovision has more of a connection with space than you may realise. 

Millions of people watch Eurovision across the world thanks to satellites in space

The Eurovision grand final will take place on 11th May 2024, from the Malmö, Sweden.

Despite the contest aiming to crown the best of European talent, it’s very much a worldwide occasion. After all, Australia even has an entry!

Plus, approximately 180 million people watch the televised event every year, and this is where space comes in. It’s satellites in space that make this possible!

#ThanksSpace – Increasing awareness about space and how it impacts our daily lives

Eurovision is of the most popular international contests, and it draws a lot of attention. No wonder UKSpace posted a tweet explaining space’s role in Eurovision television streaming, combined with the hashtag #ThanksSpace. This is part of a dedicated campaign from UKSpace to try and educate people about the various ways that space impacts modern life. 

The social media drive sheds light on how space benefits our daily existence, from practicing medicine to using smartphones. 

You can take a look at this #ThanksSpace video they’ve produced to get a feel for what the campaign is all about. 

#ThanksSpace campaign tweets

We can take a look at a few #ThanksSpace tweets published on the UKSpace page to educate social media users about space’s influence.

This tweet gives a great insight into the positive impact space has in terms of UK employment:

thanks space campaign Twitter

UKSpace has also highlighted the impact space has had and continues to have on medical breakthroughs:

When something is so far away, it can be hard for people to view it as important to their daily lives. UKSpace’s campaign aims to bridge this gap by showing everyone just how close to home space is and how it impacts their lives on a daily basis. 

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