‘This is Space’ Filming Underway

11th Sep 2022
‘This is Space’ Filming Underway

Filming is underway for ‘This is Space’, a news-style programme that will premiere next month during World Space Week. 

Originally announced in April, ITN Productions Industry News and UKSpace are co-producing the programme. They aim to raise awareness and understanding of the UK’s growth in the sector. The programme will cover the country’s pioneering approach to solving global problems and consequently enhancing people’s lives around the world. 

Head of Industry News at ITN Productions Industry News, Nina Harrison-Bell, said the following:

“It’s incredibly exciting to partner with UKSpace to make a programme raising awareness of the UK’s space capabilities. 

“Over the last decade, space has proved to be one of the UK’s fastest growing sectors, and with the recent investment in spaceports around the UK, we look forward to exploring the game-changing space innovations that will build on the UK’s space legacy.”

Surrey Satellites has already filmed for the show

On 26th August, Surrey satellites confirmed they have been filming via their Twitter page:

One of the company’s co-producers, ITN Productions, posted that this particular episode will be addressing sustainability issues:

Inspiring the next generation of space scientists 

The programme will combine reporter-led sponsored editorial profiles, news items, and sector interviews. It is forming part of an extensive communications campaign led by ITN Productions and UKSpace.

The aim is to broaden the general public’s understanding and knowledge and to inspire the next generation of scientists by showcasing the latest capabilities and technologies from leading organisations in the UK that are making huge strides in the world of innovation. 

President of UKspace, Will Whitehorn, commented on the venture:

“UKspace is very excited to work with ITN Productions on this project. The growing space sector and its industrialisation of space will be crucial in the battle against climate change and getting to net zero. 

“In the UK, it is also a success story which continues to benefit the entire UK through developing skills, research, technology and jobs. This activity is an opportunity to share that narrative with a broad audience.”

World Space Week 2022 runs from 4th to 10th October.

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