Virgin Orbit Gets Ready for a New LauncherOne Rocket Launch Mission this June

7th Jun 2021
Virgin Orbit Gets Ready for a New LauncherOne Rocket Launch Mission this June

American aerospace company Virgin Orbit is getting ready for its new June rocket launch. The upcoming mission, called Tubular Bells, Part One, is scheduled for June. The exact date has not yet been confirmed, but the clients and payloads are already agreed on. And while the mission is still in TBD status, we already know that the small satellite revolution is finally here.

Virgin Orbit June Rocket Launch Payload

The next Virgin Orbit rocket launch will carry payloads to LEO for three different clients from three different countries. The first customer is the US Department of Defense with its three CubeSats. Aside from CubeSat deployment, this rocket launch has another agenda: to test the US DoD agile launch technology.

Another military client for the upcoming Virgin rocket launch is The Royal Netherlands Air Force. RNAF will be launching its first military satellite, BRIK II, designed in collaboration with the Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre, the University of Oslo, and two private companies.

The third customer is the only non-government client on the scheduled Launcher One flight. SatRevolution will deploy two of its STORK satellites for its upcoming constellation. In total, the constellation should include 14 satellites.

Virgin Mission’s Homage & Coverage

The upcoming Virgin Orbit mission pays tribute to the company’s origin as part of Virgin Group. The mission name, Tubular Bells, Part One, is also the first track on the first album released by Virgin Records.

Besides, the mission will have extensive media coverage as the company plans to livestream the event on its official website. The cameras will be placed at the company’s launchpad at the Mojave site, and the image will be supported by live commentary. Soon enough, Virgin Orbit should confirm the exact rocket launch date for the Tubular Bells, Part One mission.

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