URA Thrusters Launching Aylesbury Site

9th Aug 2022
URA Thrusters Launching Aylesbury Site

URA Thrusters is the latest hi-tech business to set up shop in a business park close to Aylesbury. The green rocket propulsion company, which specialise in the utilisation of water for fuel during rocket propulsion in space, has confirmed that it will be testing at Westcott Space Cluster.

For the past nine months, refurbishment of the old R site at the business park has been underway. URA Thrusters will use both sites for future testing.

The ability to carry out testing in a safe manner

The head of Programmes and Operations at URA Thrusters, Emily Dingle, said the following:

“URA thrusters is delighted to be moving to the Space Cluster here at Westcott. Our delivery of sustainable, water based, propulsion systems, will be enhanced by being here on site where we can test these systems alongside our innovative R&D here in the Westcott Innovation Centre.

“Westcott gives us the space and the capacity to carry out testing safely. It provides the room we need to expand and allows us to be sustainable in line with the goals of Westcott. It also allows us to work alongside colleagues in the space sector, bouncing ideas off each other and we can grow as a company because of that.”

URA Thrusters has big ambitions

Founded in 2019, URA Thrusters is a spin-off company from AVS UK. The latter designs and develops critical and complex equipment for a number of clients, from Virgin Orbit and Airbus. 

According to Emily Dingle, URA uses electrolysis to  create hydrogen fuel from water. Doing so creates a sustainable fuel source for spacecraft propulsion.

URA’s plans include the utilisation of a total of five propulsion test chambers at the two sites. URA plans to reach the commercial stage of development in 2024.

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