HyImpulse Moving With SR75 Shipment & UK Launch Licence

12th Mar 2024
HyImpulse Moving With SR75 Shipment & UK Launch Licence

HyImpulse have reportedly received a launch licence from the Civil Aviation Authority. The HyImpulse UK launch licence has been given for the launch of HyImpule’s sounding rocket, which is poised for take off in late 2024. Reports of the approval have come on the tails of HyImpulse sending their SR75 sounding rocket by sea from Germany to Australia for its inaugural flight.  

According to reports in ADS Advance, Konstantin Tomilin, HyImpulse COO, said: “with the latest round of testing, we are another step closer to launching the rocket and the support from NMIS has been instrumental in getting us to this point.

“The hybrid system provides a more cost-effective and efficient way to launch payloads into space and will be a game changer in getting small satellites into orbit. Our propulsion system is poised to push the boundaries of hybrid rocket technology and we look forward to seeing the impact this new technology will have on the industry as a whole.”

HyImpulse Receiving Their UK Launch Licence

HyImpulse have been getting closer and closer to launch. They recently received nearly £3.5 million from the UK Space Agency for their SaxaVord launch operations. And now everything is coming to fruition with the go-ahead from the CAA to realise their launch plans. Currently, the company’s sounding rocket is one of the biggest rockets that will be launched from the Shetland spaceport. 

Although no official announcement appears to have come from HyImpulse, reports are flocking in regarding their latest achievement. Equally, the rocket is set to make history as one of the first to launch from SaxaVord Spaceport, which received their own launch licence in December last year. While SaxaVord will not need a launch licence for this flight due to the specifics of the launch, the site is ready from a bureaucratic point of view.

The first launch spot is already reserved for Rocket Factory Augsburg. SaxaVord have just been granted £10 million towards their first launch, which appears to be RFA, planned for this coming summer. As a result, they will narrowly beat HyImpulse to the Scottish launch pad.    

HyImpulse’s Upcoming Launch From Australia

After undergoing assembly and testing from a range of sites across Europe – especially SaxaVord – SR75 is ready for launch. Final preparations took place in Germany, and now the rocket is on the move, destination: Koonibba, South Australia. Originally, the launch was poised to occur from the Shetland site. However, construction delays saw the launch moved to Australia. 

According to a HyImpulse press release, in late February, the rocket set sail for Aussie shores, prepared for launch. SR75 will travel through the Atlantic Ocean, via South Africa. Once it arrives, the rocket’s first launch is etched in the calendar for mid-April. Currently, there are no foreseeable operational adversities after it underwent a rigorous testing regime at SaxaVord Spaceport

HyImpulse’s SR75: Ready For Launch

Credit: HyImpulse

SR75 may only be a single stage launch vehicle, but it can carry 250 kg of payload in a 200 km ballistic trajectory. It can also perform: “microgravity experiments and atmospheric research.” It also utilises a paraffin fuel that is non-explosive, meaning risks to launch are limited and significantly reduced. With their first launch on the horizon, HyImpulse are set to be one of the most active space companies this year. 

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