Australia Carry Out Two Successful Rocket Launches In One Day

29th Sep 2020
Australia Carry Out Two Successful Rocket Launches In One Day

On Saturday 19th of September, two commercial spacecraft went into orbit back to back in less than a two hour time difference. The first launch took place at the Koonibba Test Range, at exactly 10:09:47. 1 hour 40 minutes later, the second rocket launch took place with everything going according to plan.

What Purpose Did The Rocket Launch Serve?

Australian commercial rocket launches are part of an ongoing project called the Air Force Plan Jericho. This scheme is expected to enhance sensor technology to track and detect challenging targets involving the use of high-altitude balloons.

Southern Launch and DEWC were the collaborating companies behind these two commercial rocket launches. They express pride in having achieved two separate missile send offs in two hours, which in itself is quite impressive. Lloyd Damp, the Chief Executive Officer of Southern Launch, mentioned that this is a great effort to project forward future space access to DEWC systems and their customer base.

With this project underway, the defense of the country is bound to get stronger. Currently, the collaborating companies are in charge of both the DART rocket phases and the DEWC-SP1 payloads.

Another key player in this project is the T-Minus Engineering Company, responsible for manufacturing the DART vehicle. The great news is that they are in for more Australian commercial rocket launches soon and not only in Australia but all over the globe.

The T-Minus Engineering Co-founder was ecstatic when he stated that the latest achievements opened new possibilities and that the Company is currently testing more DEWC Systems works. He added that this was just the beginning of this partnership.

The Positive Feedback

Captain Tobyn Bearman of the RAAF Air Warfare Center says that this program is an excellent study of the unique history-making possibilities into the earth’s uppermost atmosphere.

He also stated that these Australian Commercial rocket launches would significantly reduce costs and enhance the development of design, sensors and so much more.

A representative from the Koonibba Aboriginal Community stated that the two rocket sendoffs put the facility into international limelight. The rocket launch at Koonibba is an excellent trajectory in the right direction and the significant future achievements are to start here.

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