Professor David Alexander, Houston Space Director, visits Prestwick Spaceport

21st Oct 2021
Professor David Alexander, Houston Space Director, visits Prestwick Spaceport

Prestwick Spaceport is experiencing a period of growth and success as they host Houston Space Director Professor Alexander, for important talks regarding future cooperation plans between the companies. These talks were held shortly after Prestwick Spaceport announced their partnership with launch provider Astraius in a lucrative deal that will bring economic growth in the space sector for Scotland and the UK.

The UK Spaceport secures £80 million investment from Ayrshire Growth Deal funding

Prestwick Spaceport, represented by South Ayrshire Council and Glasgow Prestwick Airport, is one of the UK’s leading investments in the Space sector. Plans for the UK Spaceport extend far beyond launch, created to encompass economic growth by creating sufficient job opportunities for the community and establishing a fruitful aerospace cluster in the region that will attract domestic and foreign investors.

As Scotland’s largest aerospace hub, UK Spaceport in Prestwick has managed to secure an £80 million investment from a grand total of £250 million Ayrshire Growth Deal funding. The investment will focus on building a lasting infrastructure that will allow for multiple launches per year. Besides infrastructure, the funding will go towards establishing an Aerospace and Space Technology Application Centre that will introduce STEM skills to graduate candidates.

Professor Alexander answered questions regarding Prestwick and Houston partnership

Scotland has become the center of the UK’s space program initiative, drawing in private investors from both inside the country and beyond.

Professor Alexander expressed his delight at the future plans for the UK Spaceport. “The ongoing developments at the Houston UK Spaceport and the exciting activities at Prestwick make for a natural partnership. We are excited by the growing space connections between Houston and Scotland,” he said.

The professor went on to compliment the UK government’s official National Space Strategy, published a week ago. The document contains the UK’s long-term plans for improving the space sector within the country, as well as establishing powerful alliances between Prestwick Spaceport and their partner Astraius, and future investors.

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