The Final Quarter Recap: A Letter from Skyrora’s CEO Detailing 2021’s Events

1st Jan 2022
The Final Quarter Recap: A Letter from Skyrora’s CEO Detailing 2021’s Events

2021 has been a busy year for Skyrora, evident from the company CEO’s letter detailing the notable events the company has experienced throughout the year. In the letter, Volodymir Levykin, Skyrora’s CEO, lauds its achievements and terms them as “a catalyst for placing the company into orbit by 2023.” Going by the CEO’s letter, Skyrora ended the fourth and final quarter of 2021 on a high note, with a recap of the following events:

The Signing of a Multi-Launch Deal with Saxavord Spaceport

Volodymir Levykin announced the signing of a multi-launch agreement with Saxavord Spaceport. The agreement will enable Skyrora to launch an orbital vehicle in 2023 named Skyrora XL. Signing this agreement is part of its plan to launch its first-ever orbital rocket from British soil. The agreement will also enable 16 yearly launches by 2030, promoting Skyrora’s sustainable space technologies and creating more employment opportunities locally.

Skyrora’s Demonstration of Support for COP26 in Glasgow

The company demonstrated its support for COP26 in Glasgow, held from 31st October to 12th November 2021. The company’s representatives attended various events, including the National Manufacturing Institute’s “Manufacturing a Net Zero Future conference” and the Scottish International Week sustainability panel. The events reiterate Skyrora’s commitment to encouraging open discussions concerning UK’s environmental launch practices.

Touring of the Company’s Premises by Influential Individuals

Skyrora had the privilege of welcoming prominent and experienced individuals from the UK space industry in the last quarter of 2021. Parth Upadhyay, Colin Macleod, Andrew Devereaux, Rosie Whitbread, and Robert Garner from CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) toured Skyrora. Also present were Jorgen Bru and Thilo Kranz from the European Space Agency (ESA) and Dr. Paul Bates, CEO of the UK Space Agency. According to Levykin, interacting with such guests promotes discussions around Skyrora’s role in enhancing the nation’s sovereign launch capabilities.

Welcoming New Engineering and Business Hires

The company welcomed six successful graduates from over 1,000 applicants who competed for a slot at Skyrora. The six were the best among 100 applicants who underwent vigorous assessments involving high-level engineering exams and speed interviews. The assessment also included company assessments and design projects.

Skyrora Winning Prestigious Awards

The company won two prestigious awards at the 2021 Business Tech Awards ceremony in October. The awards were “Manufacturing Tech Disruptor of the Year” and the “Silver Tech Company of the Year.” Another award that Skyrora received was an Investors in the Environment (iiE) National Gold Green Apple Award. The award recognized the company for “Environmental Best Practice in Science, Technology, and Aerospace.”

Attending the Black Arrow Programme Celebration

In November, Skyrora’s business team received an invitation to attend an event commemorating 50 years since the launch of Black Arrow, an original UK launch program. The event was hosted at the House of Lords, and there were speeches from various individuals, including Skyrora’s CEO, Volodymyr Levykin.

Skyrora’s Pledge to Joining the UNOOSA Space4Women Mentorship Programme

Skyrora conducted a successful social media campaign at the beginning of quarter 4 to reiterate its commitment to encouraging gender equality in the space sector. The campaign aimed to support 2021’s World Space Week theme of Women in Space. Skyrora’s communications team also executed a “Space for Me” competition, where all genders were asked to submit self-portraits and depict their dream space job.

Release of a New Festive Merchandise Line

The design team released festive winter-themed merchandise like long-sleeved tees and pin badges on the company’s online store. The collection was inspired by feedback from Skyrora’s social media followers and is packaged using eco-friendly materials. All the sales proceeds help support the company’s STEM programme.

Celebration of the First Halloween Social Since the Pandemic

For the first time in two years, Skyrora’s UK business and engineering teams worked together for a wonderful Halloween social to celebrate the spooky season. The event successfully encouraged team camaraderie and socializing, and it featured a space/Halloween-themed quiz and Jack-O-Lantern as well as costume competitions.


In the letter, Skyrora’s CEO, Volodymyr Levykin, also promises a greater 2022 for the company. He also thanks individual staff members, stakeholders, and community members for their role in the company’s success. Levykin also extends his gratitude to Skyrora’s supporters, including the Civil Aviation Authority, UK Space Agency, Scottish Enterprise, European Space Agency, DFT, and DFT.

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