Jupiter 3 Mission: When Does SpaceX Launch World’s Largest Private Communications Satellite?

27th Jul 2023
Jupiter 3 Mission: When Does SpaceX Launch World’s Largest Private Communications Satellite?

SpaceX are about to launch the world’s largest private communications satellite, Hughes JUPITER 3 mission, aboard their Falcon Heavy rocket. The Falcon Heavy will carry Maxar Technologies’ and Hughes Technology Systems’ enormous satellite, labelled Jupiter 3. SpaceX is now targeting Friday, July 28, 11:04 p.m. EDT for Falcon Heavy’s launch of the Hughes JUPITER 3 mission to a geosynchronous transfer orbit from Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The 99-minute launch window opens at 11:04 p.m. ET (03:04 UTC on July 29). A backup opportunity is available on Saturday, July 29 with the same window.Once in orbit, the satellite will join the Jupiter constellation and augment the existing broadband internet connectivity the company currently provides. 

Launch Aborted

In a turn of event, SpaceX abandoned the launch attempt last night due to a: “violation of abort criteria”. SpaceX said their team is resetting and are expecting to blast-off tonight – July 27th. Reassuringly, there are no issues with the Falcon Heavy and its enormous payload, with SpaceX saying in a Tweet: “vehicle and payload are in good health”.

Where To Watch This Historic Launch

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket – also called EchoStar XXIV – will be a launch not to miss due to its record breaking payload. Falcon Heavy will blast-off from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, placing the gigantic satellite in Earth’s Geostationary Orbit. With a rescheduled Launch time yet to be announced, live streams will be available above, on SpaceX’s website and on their social media channels

The Launch of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy 

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy is set for lift-off. Credit: SpaceX

This launch marks Falcon Heavy’s seventh launch since its inaugural lift-off in 2018. The triple-booster rocket will shed its core booster into the Atlantic Ocean after the first-stage separation, performing boost-back burns in its two side boosters once separated. After offloading the satellite, the rocket will almost instantly reappear, landing in SpaceX’s Zones 1 and 2 approximately 8.5 minutes after blasting-off. 

Hughes JUPITER 3 mission: The World’s Largest Satellite

The record-breaking satellite will double the existing Jupiter constellation’s data capabilities. It will also boost antenna signals and support in-flight WI-FI and low-latency internet services. On the ground, the ultra-high-density satellite will augment at-home WI-FI connections, in addition to other wireless technology. 

Boasting solid-state amplifiers, the satellite will house “updated technological architecture which has allowed for the miniaturisation of satellite electronics,” Maxar Technologies said in a press release. Once fully deployed, Hughes Network Systems said Jupiter 3 will be: “the largest commercial communications satellite ever built.

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