Skyrora Invites Clients to Celebrate with Festive New Year Skymerch

29th Dec 2021
Skyrora Invites Clients to Celebrate with Festive New Year Skymerch

Skyrora, an innovative aerospace company with headquarters in Edinburgh, is getting ready to treat all willing customers with a festive New Year Skymerch. The merchandise mostly includes clothing, accessories, and postcards and is already available on the company website for a reasonable price. 

New Year Skymerch in Detail 

Anyone ready to add some cosmic mood to this New Year’s celebration can hit the Skyrora shop page on the company’s official website. The selection includes several space-themed T-shirts, priced at £20, long-sleeves at £23.5, and jumpers worth £30. Besides, Skyrora offers a variety of pins under £5, eco-baubles, and postcards. 

According to the company statement, the New Year Skymerch collection represents Skyrora’s commitment to sustainability. The company has already introduced a merchandise selection before, and all the items have been sold in a matter of weeks. So, to put customers and business partners in a festive mood, the company decided to put more New Year Skymerch for sale. 

Skyrora adds that its orbital launcher XL should be ready to lift off by the end of 2022, so the upcoming year should mark a very important milestone in the company’s development. In the meantime, all products offered in the New Year Skymerch are made of eco-friendly materials and shipped in similar packaging, which, once again, emphasises the company’s determination to resource sustainably. 

Skyrora & Its Contribution to STEM Education 

Skyrora is one of the leading UK rocket building companies that values human talent and is willing to invest in education. The company gets involved where it can, engaging with schools and communities alike to promote STEM careers for the young. With the space industry pacing forward, STEM careers should become really promising in the next few years. 

In the meantime, all Skyrora fans and connections can follow the New Year Skymerch social media campaign using the #skymerch hashtag.  

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