Blue Origin Sues NASA for Picking SpaceX: Will There Be Two Providers After All?

16th Sep 2021
Blue Origin Sues NASA for Picking SpaceX: Will There Be Two Providers After All?

Jeff Bezos, the richest man on Earth and the head of Blue Origin, has made his next move in his competition with Elon Musk for the Human Landing System contract. The word ‘competition’ here might not be the best since the competitors don’t know who will win. In the case of NASA’s HLS contract, the whole world would acknowledge that Musk won if it wasn’t for Bezos, who constantly protests against this decision.

Blue Origin Vs. SpaceX: The History of the HLS Rivalry

Previously, NASA had to choose two HLS providers that would return people to the Moon. The applicants were SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Dynetics. Later, NASA confessed that it’s got massively underfunded by Congress, so they were forced to pick a single company instead. The choice fell on SpaceX. Jeff Bezos got frustrated enough to offer the agency two billion dollars to reconsider. NASA declined.

Then, Blue Origin and Dynetics filed a protest with the Government Accountability Office. But GAO supported NASA’s choice. According to GAO, the agency never violated any rules in this case.

Jeff Bezos to Nasa: See You in Court!

Recently, Blue Origin has filed a complaint to the US Court of Federal Claims, which vividly shows that Jeff Bezos really wants to get back in the game. Blue Origin spokesperson states that the flaws in NASA’s HLS screening for providers must be fixed. The company insists that fairness and competition are at stake now. In addition to the lawsuit, Blue Origin tries to strengthen its positions with salty graphics posted on social media. These images aim at either comparing the New Shepard and SpaceX’s Starship or just trashing the Starship.

NASA doesn’t comment much on the case, noting that their officials are looking into its details. Now, both Blue Origin supporters and opponents can’t wait for the decision to be made.

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