SpaceX Delays Rocket Launch Scheduled to Carry Dozens of Satellites

25th Oct 2021
SpaceX Delays Rocket Launch Scheduled to Carry Dozens of Satellites

In October 2021, SpaceX delayed its Falcon 9 rocket launch. The mission was to take place from Launch Complex-4 at the Vandenberg Space Force Base. Timelines were set between 10.34 am and 11.34 am on Sunday, but this didn’t happen.

No reason was given about the delay by the space industry giant. In addition, there was no new date for the launch announced. The rocket was to deploy dozens of satellites belonging to the Starlink project. This was set to be SpaceX’s second mission as it worked towards establishing its constellation in LEO.

The vessel associated with the event was seen returning to port. In addition, officials from the Vandenberg Space Force Base lifted the mariner’s notice they’d issued earlier in anticipation of the Sunday event. In light of the upcoming launch, there was a restriction in the nearest ocean area.

SpaceX Rocket Launch Plans to Grow its Satellite Constellation

The Falcon 9 rocket’s first mission took place in September. The craft was carrying 51 satellites belonging to Starlink. SpaceX has conducted similar launches in the past as it works towards growing its satellite constellation. These satellites will deliver high-speed internet services to remote locations across the world.

Apart from this event, the company also has a NASA mission coming soon. NASA is set for the first demonstration of DART (Double Asteroid Redirect Test). It’s a defence mission for the planet developed to protect the Earth from asteroids threatening to make an impact.

Late November to early February is the next window to place the DART system and perform the demonstration. This comes after NASA missed its first window while SpaceX was improving the Falcon 9 rocket launch.

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