2022 Rocket Launch Schedule Should Be More Eventful Than Ever: See Updated Stats

18th Oct 2021
2022 Rocket Launch Schedule Should Be More Eventful Than Ever: See Updated Stats

When it comes to the rocket launch schedule, 2022 promises to be even more eventful than the outgoing year. Hundreds of new events await in the rocket launch calendar, including missions to the Moon, Mars, and Jupiter and an increase in suborbital tourist flights from Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic. In addition, new providers should emerge in the small payload delivery market – Orbex and Skyrora in the UK, Australian Gilmour Space Technologies, German ISAR Aerospace, and Rocket Factory Augsburg.

As part of the spaceflight calendar for 2022, ESA will launch the updated Vega-C and Ariane-6, and the United Launch Alliance will launch the Vulcan Centaur to gradually replace the Atlas V and Delta IV Heavy. More events in the rocket launch calendar include China completing construction of the China Space Station (CSS) and Boeing conducting its first Crewed test Flight with the CST-100 Starliner.

Already in January, as part of the Artemis lunar mission, NASA plans the first flight of the Orion spacecraft and several commercial lunar vehicles and rovers under the Commercial Lunar Payload Service program. Russia wants to resume its lunar exploration program with the Luna 25 lander. Japan will launch the Lunar Lander SLIM, and India will again attempt to bring a robotic lander to the lunar surface, adding to the rocket launch calendar of 2022.

SpaceX Starlink and OneWeb will continue to actively deploy their global Internet satellite constellations, and the UK will open the first spaceports on its territory.

In its turn, Orbital Today will keep monitoring all events in the 2022 spaceflight calendar and will inform you about them, as always.

Below, you can see the table of all past and upcoming 2022 rocket launch schedules, and we will regularly update it. So, bookmark this article to stay up to date on the latest events.

Rocket launch schedule planned for January

Date and time (UTC) LSP/Rocket Payload Function Operator/Country Orbit Launch Site Status
TBD ULA / Atlas V USSF -12 Early warning system US Space Force GSO Cape Canaveral
TBD Galactic TBA TBA Y3/China SSO Jiuquan
TBD Rocket Lab /Electron RASR-3 Reconnaissance NRO/USA LEO Mahia LC-1A
TBD Firefly Aerospace/Alpha TBA TBA R3 SSO Vandenberg SLC-2W

NASA /SLS Block 1

Maiden flight of NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS). 10 CubeSats will rideshare on this launch.
Artemis-1 Tech demo NASA Lunar KennedyLC-39B
Argomoon Tech demo ASI/Italy HCO
BioSentinel Astrobiology NASA HCO
CuSP Space Weather NASA HCO
LunaH-Map Lunar orbiter NASA Lunar
Lunar IceCube Lunar orbiter NASA Lunar
LunIR Tech demo Lockheed Martin HCO
Near-Earth Asteroid Scout Tech demo NASA HCO
OMOTENASHI Lunar Lander JAXA/Japan Lunar
Team Miles Tech demo Fluid & Reason/US HCO
EQUULEUS Earth Observation Tokyo University Earth–Moon L2
TBD CASC/Long March 7

Scheduled rideshare launch opportunity.

TBA TBA China SSO Wenchang LC-2
TBD RVSN RF/ Soyuz-2.1a Bars-M 3L Reconnaissance VKS/Russia SSO Plesetsk Site 43/4

3 Indian Sats

1 British

Earth Observation

Tech Demo



SSO Satish Dhawan

Orbital Today will keep posting updates on the rocket launch schedule events for 2022, so come back for more exciting news.

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