Leonardo: Young and Talented Scotland Space Students to Win T-Tec 2021!

11th Sep 2021
Leonardo: Young and Talented Scotland Space Students to Win T-Tec 2021!

The Scottish space industry is on the rise. There are many reasons for that, but one of them is that dedicated companies strive to involve new talented people in the industry’s development. Leonardo, the aerospace engineering company based in Edinburgh, with the considerable support of Telespazio, the spaceflight services company with its headquarters in Rome, is about to do that. They encourage students from Scotland to participate in a new international T-Tec 2021 competition focused on space technology and uniting the space industry and the academic world. T-Tec has four primary directions:

  • Geo-information applications
  • In-orbit servicing
  • The exploration of space
  • Space situational awareness and space traffic management

Scotland Space Students Are After T-Tec Highest Prizes

Future Scotland space scientists will have an opportunity to fulfil their ideas into real projects. More than that, the best of the best will win a cash reward: €4,000, €6,000, and €10,000 respectively for the third, second, and first places. The competition will be judged by the experts from Leonardo and Telespazio as well as other space agencies representatives.

The Ultimate Impact of Leonardo’s Programme on Scotland Space Sector

At Leonardo, they firmly believe that their Scotland space competition will be the first step to boosting new specialists’ careers. According to Keith Barnes, the company’s space program manager, young talent will work with the most prominent engineers and researchers from around the globe. Mr. Barnes adds that it is imperative to create a skill base in the UK. Eventually, it will help to bring space innovation to an unseen level pushing its boundaries significantly.

Scotland space students and university researchers, alongside their colleagues from all over the world, can apply to T-Tec 2021 before 14th November. Leonardo wishes Scottish students the best of luck since it is they who can bolster Scotland space sector, which the company represents and supports.

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