Rocket Lab’s Rocket Launch Suffers 2nd Stage Engine Anomaly

26th May 2021
Rocket Lab’s Rocket Launch Suffers 2nd Stage Engine Anomaly

Rocket Lab’s rocket launch of its 20th spacecraft took place on 15th May. But, a few minutes later, there was a hitch. The lift-off had been successful, after which it underwent the 1st stage engine burn. It’s when the 2nd separation was taking place that things went wrong.

The company had no choice but to abort the mission. Thankfully, the engine shut down was safe, and the company could monitor the telemetry from the craft. Engineers from the company had plenty of informative data to comb through and learn the cause of the failure.

Currently, the data is under extensive review to get to the bottom of the anomaly. Once the issue is known, any future missions can go on smoothly. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is assisting the company with a flight review.

So far, the findings from the data reveal the computers detected an issue soon after the ignition of the 2nd engine. That’s what resulted in the command for a speedy, safe shutdown according to the protocol.

However, a full review will be complete in a couple of weeks. After that, the company can resume test flights.

Peter Beck Addresses Failed Rocket Lab’s Rocket Launch

The CEO, Peter Beck, expressed his apologies to the payload owner, BlackSky. He expressed a commitment to resume flights and conduct them safely. Additionally, he revealed the entire team was working to finalize the review and implement necessary changes.

According to flight data, the 1st stage performance went along without any hitch. It successfully landed on the water as expected under a parachute. That made it possible for Rocket Lab’s rocket launch recovery team to retrieve it.

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