Chinese Space Debris Falls near the Maldives after Re-entry

25th May 2021
Chinese Space Debris Falls near the Maldives after Re-entry

Recently, a Chinese vessel re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere and broke apart near the Maldives. The matter led to harsh condemnation by NASA on irresponsible space debris retrieval by China. The criticism came from Bill Nelson, the current NASA administrator.

After the vessel fell, China was viewed as reckless and not taking charge of its industry consequences. NASA sent out a strong letter of condemnation to China over the lack of control over its initiatives.

Once the Chinese vessel re-entered earth’s atmosphere, it broke apart, sending debris into the Indian Ocean. The split took place close to the Maldives. Previously, there were fears the huge craft would fall in populated areas.

Space Debris Re-entry Causes NASA to Rebuke China

The re-entry took place at 10.14 pm on Saturday 9th May, but didn’t fall on land. Instead, the space debris fell into the Indian Ocean. Since then, NASA has been critical of the reckless Chinese missions and lack of accountability.

On top of that, Bill Nelson continues to call for responsible missions by all countries. Each country with a mission must ensure people, assets, and lands aren’t harmed in any way.

The Long March craft from China was launched back in April. It consisted of 4 boosters and a distinct core stage. The mission took off from Hainan Island, but there was no human onboard the vessel. It was carrying the Tianhe module.

Regarding the module, it’s meant to be a residence for Chinese astronauts on the Chinese space station. Ten more rockets are to follow this one in the coming years, which has many concerns. So far, the country has demonstrated no capability of safe space debris retrieval despite mounting condemnation.

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