Upcoming SpaceX Moon Mission Fully Funded Using Dogecoin

24th May 2021
Upcoming SpaceX Moon Mission Fully Funded Using Dogecoin

DOGE-1 is underway and is a fully crypto-funded mission by SpaceX set for 2022. No other company or country has attempted the same. When the time comes, the event will see a CubeSat delivery to Low Earth orbit on a rideshare.

The rideshare will use Falcon 9, and the event is from the GEC (Geometric Energy Corporation) in Canada. The smaller craft’s role is capturing intelligence using onboard cameras and sensors. All these are tied together with computing and communication systems.

Now the space industry can begin transacting in Doge after the SpaceX rocket launch deal. GEC paves the way for many other similar transactions in the future.

Moon Mission DOGE-1 after Dogecoin Transaction

The plan is for a moon mission by DOGE-1 in 2022 once the rocket launch is successful. Dogecoin is now trending after being founded in 2013. The founders were Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus, both software engineers.

Pricing for Dogecoin hit an all-time high in 2021. The increase was over 26000%, with a current estimated valuation of $92 billion. Elon Musk is partly responsible for the drastic increase as he constantly tweets about Cryptocurrency.

As for the Moon mission, details keep emerging, including what the DOGE-1’s goal is once on the Moon. It’s a step in the right direction since the company has always had plans to land on the Moon. The SpaceX rocket launch will see this goal come to fruition.

Additionally, the company announcement of the mission is an example of low-cost space access due to the reusable craft. That has been their goal for some time. The rocket launch and subsequent Moon mission are proof of this progress in the right direction.

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