Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos Shares Promotional Video of Driving Rivian

15th May 2021
Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos Shares Promotional Video of Driving Rivian

In late April, billionaire and Blue Origin founder, Jeff Bezos, was spotted driving a Rivian to check out his New Shepard rocket launch site in West Texas. Bezos, wearing a cowboy hat and a black shirt with his company feather logo, was driving along the dirt road to the launch site. The video was posted on the company’s official Twitter account to promote upcoming space travel ticket sales.

Blue Origin and New Shepard Tourist Flights

The online auction for a seat on Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket started on 5h May. The flight itself is planned for 20th July. In the meantime, Bezos’s Rivian R1T was not the only electric car on a landing site. West Texas facility had one more Rivian and Ford F-150 Raptor in the promoted video.

The choice of car is not accidental since Bezos’s Amazon is one of the major companies funding this electric car manufacturer. Ford has also invested half a million dollars in Rivian and the company’s value is now estimated at $27.5 billion.

Currently, Rivian is working on electric vans for Amazon delivery. The vehicles are already in testing. R1T deliveries should start this June, and Amazon has announced that they plan to buy 100,000 vans over the next few years.

There’s been a rumor that Blue Origin plans to use Rivian vehicles in some of its space projects, but the company has not announced anything officially yet.

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