Rocket Lab Two-Gate System Causes a Controversy Among Locals

18th Apr 2021
Rocket Lab Two-Gate System Causes a Controversy Among Locals

Rocket Lab’s two-gate system at the company’s Mahia launch site in New Zealand causes some irritation on the locals’ part. Māori caucus claims it creates a feeling of segregation since employees enter through one modern and password-controlled gate, while the local population has to use another gate and another road. 

Rocket Lab Gate & Other Controversies

Member of Military Police Elizabeth Kerekere and Intelligence spokesperson Teanau Tuiono have already met with the locals concerned about launch activity. According to Mr. Tuiono, local land shareholders have had very little information about launchpad construction plans. The locals also claim they have not seen the land lease contract with Rocket Lab.

Māori population asks the authorities to look into Space Regulation Policy to check if there are any violations. The ‘segregation’ they are concerned about is that Rocket Lab employees get to use a newly-built and nicely sealed road. On the other hand, the locals use a barn-like farm door and a bumpy, gravel road. 

New Zealand Military Police has also received an inquiry for an independent environmental assessment of Rocket Lab launches on local wildlife and bird life. 

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