Spaceport Cornwall Launch set for June 2021

25th Jan 2021
Spaceport Cornwall Launch set for June 2021

Newquay space launch plans are underway as the G7 summit nears. The satellite launch is a great leap forward by the UK for this new spaceport. It comes hot on the heels of the successful Virgin Orbit satellites project that was a resounding success. 

Come June; the goal is to emulate this successful mission with a similar launch at Spaceport Cornwall. In the same month, St. Ives and Carbis Bay will host leaders from across the world. 

Furthermore, Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Orbit had a great reception about the upcoming Cornwall spaceport news. His mission is to promote space tourism with launches from the new port once operations commence. The main goal of these missions is to make space more accessible, and willing visitors will hopefully get a chance to experience space travel at a price.

With such ambitions, it’s no wonder the UK Space Agency is working tirelessly to make sure the June mission is a success. 

Significance of the Launch at Spaceport Cornwall

The UK government picked the Newquay airport for this small satellite launch and will oversee the launch of satellites horizontally into orbit. The satellite’s payload will be on a rocket attached to a modified Boeing 747. Given that the country produces a huge percentage of small satellites, it’s about time to send them into space from UK launching sites. 

Additionally, the new spaceport will see significant economic growth in the area. It’s a collaborative effort of Virgin Orbit, Cornwall Council, the CISLEP, and Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd. Once operational, companies can send payloads horizontally into space. 

Despite the pandemic hampering the progress of the spaceport, everything is looking to be back on track. The plan is to have the first flight take off in June simultaneously as the G7 summit. As for the economic impact, the goal is to create over 100 jobs in the area by 2025. 

Early in the year, Virgin Orbit launched 10 satellites from California, and the UK hopes to replicate this successful mission. The company used a modified plane for the task, and the same will take place at Newquay Airport. News of the rocket reaching orbit sent hope across the UK that it’s ready to host launches. 

Furthermore, the same technology used in California will be at the Cornwall spaceport launch giving the UK a chance to compete in the global space industry.

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