Flynn Doherty Collaborates with Rocket Lab on an Award-Winning Final Year Project

8th Jan 2021
Flynn Doherty Collaborates with Rocket Lab on an Award-Winning Final Year Project

Flynn Doherty is left smiling as his final year project propels him into a bright future in the space industry. His project was sponsored by Rocket Lab and emerged as a winner this year. 

The final year project was part of his Bachelor of Software Engineering degree at UC. Like many other students, he got a chance to tackle problems currently affecting the world and collaborate with industry stakeholders. 

For Flynn, his unique project saw him work hand in hand with the company on its Electron launch vehicle. His goal was to visualize it for the company using alternative methods. 

Flynn created a way for the company to visualize the vehicle while in flight. By using all the data transmitted at this point, his creation can help to visualize the vehicle and determine its current location. Furthermore, the company can pinpoint its altitude and general well-being. 

Using his 3-D visualization software, the company can now take the opportunity to utilize the vehicle’s data by allowing operators to view it. This is done using an intuitive way that’s physically based. 

Flynn’s Project with Rocket Lab is a Great Insight into Customer Needs

Flynn expressed that the project was an eye-opener as he worked with Rocket Lab. He learned the value of working with and paying attention to what a stakeholder needs. Also, he got a glimpse of numerous other technologies that greatly impacted his career as a software engineer. 

In 2019, he worked at Rocket Lab as an intern, where his final year project was born. After talking with Chris Ching, Rocket Lab’s Senior Software Engineer, he got his final year project idea. Also, his internship at the company made it easy to justify the venture leading to his success. 

Thanks to his award-winning project, Flynn is now headed to Rocket Lab to join a team of other graduates from UC working there currently. His development had originality and helped solve an issue the company was facing in a new way. 

Flynn is excited for his new chapter at Rocket Lab under a role that’ll make it possible for him to soar in the space industry. The idea will help Rocket Lab keep track of its launch vehicles and allow them to advance even further within the space industry.

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