Rocket Lab Company Keeps Working on its Satellite Projects Despite Covid

4th Jan 2021
Rocket Lab Company Keeps Working on its Satellite Projects Despite Covid

Despite the Covid pandemic and global lockdowns, Rocket Lab kept building rockets for launching satellites from its team members’ garages. This New Zealand company understands that planetary alignment does not take pandemics into account and keeps working towards its goals. Even as factories close, this dedicated team does their best to find creative solutions to challenges. 

Rocket Lab and its Continued Progress for Launching Satellites 

The company founder, Peter Beck, says that large-scale programs like Moon exploration will not be put on hold because of the Covid outbreak. So, he sees no reason why his company should pause its daily operations. He adds that planetary alignment does not stop with the virus, so his team should take every opportunity to move forward. 

Rocket Lab have really accomplished wonders as they have just packed their bags and went into ‘work from home’ mode. This sounds impossible for a company in the rocket and satellites business, but this is exactly what has happened this year. One of the reasons why this New Zealand team is so determined is their upcoming launch for NASA. This mission is one of the company’s biggest and most promising projects, which is why everyone on board is willing to do their best to accomplish their goals. The spacecraft launch to the Moon is scheduled for April 2021. 

As part of this mission, Rocket Lab will assist NASA with building infrastructure from the Moon’s orbit. Further on, a base built on the Moon will serve as the transitioning point for onward travel to Mars. So, this stepping stone is important not only for the New Zealand company, but for mankind in general. 

Aside from the upcoming Moon mission, Rocket Lab is working on some projects of its own. Its launch vehicle Electron is a two-stage rocket that can carry up to 300 kg of satellites on board. The stage is reusable, and even though its life is short (just 160 seconds), the reusability accounts for more affordable satellites launches. 

Another promising project for the company is the Venus exploration mission. According to Beck, this mission is not going anywhere, and its sole purpose is finding life on the planet. For obvious reasons, this project is even tougher and more challenging than traveling to the Moon. 

Still, given Rocket Lab founder and its team’s enthusiasm, it looks like this young company from New Zealand will take mankind to a different level of space travel and satellite delivery into calculated orbits. 

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