The UK Space Agency Funds Satellite innovation to Tackle Climate Change and Cyber-Attacks

18th Nov 2021
The UK Space Agency Funds Satellite innovation to Tackle Climate Change and Cyber-Attacks

Scotland space innovation has received a huge financial boost from the UKSA. 11 organisations are recipients of £7 million to develop further technology to tackle a crucial project. The project centres on climate change and environmental management.

Satellite Projects to Get Founding

Other crucial parts of the project are protecting digital infrastructure from cyber-attacks and securing telecommunication systems. These include Global Satellite Vu Ltd. that will develop a small high-resolution infrared camera. Satellites will use the camera to show how much thermal emission our homes, offices, and schools provide.

Next is the Open University in Milton Keynes that will create the “TreeView” concept. “TreeView” is a tool for management and forestry that can be used from space to monitor the health of trees on the planet.

According to George Freeman, the Minister for Science, satellites have a crucial role to play. They helped humanity solve serious issues it faces every day, such as cyber-attacks and climate change. He expressed the government’s commitment to enabling the UK to develop top innovations through the National Space Strategy (NSS).

The funding will go a long way in benefiting the planet by keeping a close eye on greenhouse emissions. In addition, technological innovations will increase tree-planting efforts.

UKSA Funds Innovative Projects All over the Country

The National Space Innovation program, part of the UKSA, is responsible for the funding. Each project is estimated to receive sums starting from £157,000 to £1 million. The money will help each organisation advance its innovations.

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