Development of Scottish Spaceport is Underway in the UK

21st Dec 2020
Development of Scottish Spaceport is Underway in the UK

By 2022, a rocket made in the UK will be sent to space from the Sutherland spaceport, according to Boris Johnson. The launch site will managed by Highlands and Islands Enterprise and will launch a payload into space. 

Now development is underway after securing planning permission to establish the launch site. As many know, Scotland has numerous ideal locations for building a launch site for the UK. Still, this particular Scottish spaceport is in Sutherland at the A’Mhoine Peninsula. 

Other attractive locations in Scotland for establishing a vertical launch complex include Unst in Shetland. There have been prolonged investigations to find suitable locations, given that these sites will help to grow the UK space industry. 

As for companies that prefer horizontal launches, numerous locations show promise. So far, Prestwick Airport is among the top places with a keen interest in offering customers this location for launch. 

Another suitable location for horizontal launches is Cornwall. Development is underway in Cornwall, and it hopes to be completed soon – but has had a dark cloud over it because of financial difficulties. The goal is to have a horizontal spaceport in Cornwall by 2021. Already Virgin Orbit has shown interest in launching small satellites from this location, once the launch site is ready for use. 

Disputed Areas for Scottish Spaceports

Though numerous locations for Scottish spaceports have received a generally good reception, some locations have suffered from serious objections. For example, the Scolpaig area on the isle of Uist, has come under criticism from locals who oppose the site. The matter continues to escalate, with protests erupting over this issue. 

Many people oppose the development, noting that the area will suffer from the project’s significant environmental impact. The Sutherland spaceport will launch vertical rockets, but has not escaped criticism as many believe this will harm the surrounding environment.

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