Skyrora Completes a Series of Successful Third-Stage Engine Tests in Fife, Scotland

14th Dec 2020
Skyrora Completes a Series of Successful Third-Stage Engine Tests in Fife, Scotland

Skyrora has recently completed a series of tests to replicate space-like conditions. Testing took place at their Engine Test Centre in Fife, Central Scotland. All engine results in a vacuum chamber proved successful, which means the company’s launch ambitions will continue to advance. 

Skyrora Successful Tests and Future Launch Plans

A series of 100 vacuum chamber tests, replicating space-like conditions, were aimed to advance the company’s further launch ambitions. All results were 100% successful, which means that the company’s three-stage carrier — Skyrora XL — is fully functional and should be ready for launch by 2023. This is a polar orbital vehicle designed to carry satellites into Low Earth Orbit. 

Previously, company management announced that they would conduct engine testing at a newly established facility in Fife. Back in July, Skyrora was mostly interested in fuel-injecting mechanisms. These included an oxidiser loading system, putting fuel in tanks, and a pressure loading system, feeding it to the engine. 

Dr. Jack-James Marlow, Head of Engineering, is excited about these results. According to him, a series of a hundred successful trials became a fundamental step in the XL carrier development. This testing was part of the third stage engine’s verification program, and such an impressive success rate is a big technological achievement for Skyrora. Dr. Marlow also notes that their vacuum tube was designed internally, and pressure conditions were set to about 10% of sea level. 

Right now, the future looks bright for this Edinburgh-based space company. They have already signed over twenty letters of intent with prospective clients and they are expected to sign even more launch agreements in the next sixth months, especially given their latest successful tests. If further tests prove as successful and the XL successfully launches by 2023, Skyrora will provide up 170 new job opportunities for the Scottish economy. 

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