Lord Willetts Joins Skyrora as a Senior Consultant

19th Oct 2020
Lord Willetts Joins Skyrora as a Senior Consultant

Skyrora CEO, Volodymyr Levykin, presented the company’s new Chief Consultant early this month. Lord Willetts position with Skyrora begins after he served in the government as Science Minister between 2010 and 2014.

The privately-owned company is located in the UK. Its principal field of focus is designing highly innovative space launchers. The firm is currently making significant strides in the aeronautics industry.

They design, manufacture, and launch rockets using newly designed technologies. Their primary mission is to become a fundamental player in the space industry whilst paving the way for upcoming firms all over the United Kingdom and the new consultancy position will boost those efforts.

Brief Career Journey of the New Senior Consultant

The honorable Lord Willetts, Skyrora’s new advisor, began his political career in the early 90s. He served in various roles, such as Shadow Education Secretary, Secretary of State Innovation, Universities, and Skills, the HM Treasury, and as a conservative parliament member for Havant.

He studied politics, economics, and philosophy in Oxford-based institutions and you can easily access several of his papers on socioeconomics and policies. He is also a published author.

Lord Willetts’ numerous accomplishments don’t end there. From 2010 to 2014, he served in the Ministry of State for Universities and Science. 

Lord Willetts was deeply involved in the UK’s space activity while he was the Minister. He has several achievements relevant to the role of Senior Consultant at Skyrora, evidenced by:

  • His active participation in the establishment of the UK Space Agency;
  • His ability to create and maintain good rapport beyond international borders (for instance, he has propagated the UK Space Agency’s mission to global players like the European Space Agency);
  • His extensive knowledge about the benefits of satellites towards local and regional enterprises.

The company welcomes Lord Willett with open arms. With their XL rocket set for completion in three years, they hope Lord Willetts’ Skyrora career will benefit the whole country’s space endeavours.

Lord Willetts Skyrora’s new senior advisor begins his rocket company career with a lot to offer. Years of experience and tons of new ideas will hopefully propel Skyrora’s mission within the UK space industry.

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