Inspiring UK-Based Space Events And Conferences in February 2023

1st Feb 2023
Inspiring UK-Based Space Events And Conferences in February 2023

February 2023 is full of cosmic events for kids and adults interested in astronomy and space exploration, as well as for academics and space geeks who have extensive knowledge of the science. Additionally, the world celebrates the International Day of Women and Girls in Science this month, so you’ll find a variety of events dedicated to it as well.

If you want to explore the history of science from the women’s point of view, what challenges and obstacles they had to overcome in the past and what they still have to fight today, or you simply want to inspire a young generation into STEM – take a closer look at our list of the most interesting February space events in the UK.

Building the Universe with mathematics

When: 1 February

Where: Online

Religious explanations and the Big Bang theory are just two origin stories about our universe. If we ignore those, however, how would we be able to build a world if there was no matter, no cosmos, and no empty space?

Join Manil Suri this Wednesday as he explores the natural progression of ideas needed to design our world with maths, starting with numbers and continuing through geometry, algebra, and beyond.

This event will be the best match for those who are familiar with more than elementary school-level maths. 

Astronomy at Stonehaugh – Our Moon

When: 3 February

Where: Stonehaugh Activity Centre Stonehaugh Stargazing Pavilion Stonehaugh Hexham NE483DZ United Kingdom

Do you think you know everything about Moon? Bet you don’t! Join this fascinating late-night event where you’ll discover interesting facts about Moon, learn how it influences our planet, and what role it will play in the future. Note, that this is an Astronomical presentation with observing if weather permits.

Please be aware, when observing is possible, temperatures can be severe, and the ground underfoot can be soft and wet, to ensure your own comfort, please wear suitable attire.

SaxaVord Spaceport Live Lesson

When: 3 February

Where: Shetland, online

This is a unique opportunity for schools to join the SaxaVord Spaceport team for the launch of STEM Live 2023, as they visit the UK’s most northerly Spaceport and go “above all others!”. The event will be live from SaxaVord Spaceport, across two days, to bring you two free curriculum-aligned Live Lessons, and a bonus Q&A session featuring the first British astronaut, Helen Sharman, who will answer your pupils’ questions LIVE!

Also, you’ll find out cool things about rocket launches, such as how Space Port is being designed to allow rocket launches, what rockets will achieve and why they launch from Scotland. 

Space 102 Shetland’s Annual Space Conference

When: 4 February

Where: Scalloway Campus at Port Arthur, Shetland 

People from around Shetland and beyond may learn more about space and what it means for the community by participating in Shetland Space 102 Day. The event will specifically highlight the experiences of women employed in the sector.

All lectures will be broadcast live on the social media pages of Saxavord Spaceport and UHI Shetland to promote interaction and accessibility to as many community members as possible.

American astronauts will be on a panel during the talks, and the Executive Director of Space Scotland will also give a speech and make a personal visit.

Women in Science: Space Tour

When: 5, 7, 11, 21, 28 February (multiple dates)

Where: Natural History Museum Cromwell Road London SW7 5BD United Kingdom

On 11 February, International Day of Women and Girls in Science is celebrated. We invite you to take a guided tour of the Minerals Gallery and Hintze Hall balcony on the first level, where you can learn about the inspiring women scientists whose discoveries revolutionized our understanding of space. As you learn about the work of past and contemporary female space scientists, including some who have worked at the Museum, you will come across a variety of treasures, including rare meteorites. 

Brownies Space Night – Virtual Event

When: 7 February

Where: STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Harwell Oxford Didcot Harwell OX11 0QX United Kingdom

An amazing opportunity for beginners who strive to learn more about the night sky in a nice atmosphere. A fun space quiz, a virtual planetarium display, and a hands-on solar system exercise are all included in this entertaining event, which runs from 17:30 to 19:30. You’ll discover what you may see in the night sky and get information on a ton of additional activities that you can carry out at home or with other people at Brownies gatherings.

The astronomy and stargazing badges can be earned during the event’s activities.

Lunchtime Talk – History of the Universe!

When: 17 January

Where: Keswick Museum Station Road Station Road Keswick CA12 4NF United Kingdom

Terry Slone will outline the evolution of the universe from its creation 13 billion years ago to the present in this session. From its initial plasma-like condition after the Big Bang to the atoms that make up the stars, planets, people, and everything else around us now, the Universe underwent a number of different epochs during this lengthy existence. He will discuss each of these epochs in detail, as well as how we believe that progression from one epoch to the next occurred.

Celebrating Women in Science: past, present and future

When: 17 February

Where: Anglia Ruskin University ARU Peterborough, University House Bishop’s Road Peterborough PE1 5BW United Kingdom

Another event dedicated to women in STEM – this free seminar aims to explore the reality of women in science. Dr Elizabeth Osoba, Senior Lecturer Practitioner in Science, prepared an informative lecture about the history of science as an evolving field for women, and how to start on the journey to developing a career within the scientific arena

Dr Osoba will explore the history of success for local female scientists before widening the field to explore modern-day scientific advancements presented by female scientists across the UK.

Rebooting and Hacking Space Ageing in exploration using the “Space Age Path

When: 21 February

Where: The Royal Astronomical Society Piccadilly London

This is a free and open-to-the-public hybrid event, and taking place with limited seating at Burlington House and online via Zoom. 

In the lecture, Jennifer G.A. Donohue explores how space exploration affects the human body, including current studies, difficulties related to “space ageing,” and the influence of this and related research on Earth as a powerful ally to be used in achieving these dual terrestrial and interplanetary goals.

Planets in the Park

When: 25 February

Where: Walled Garden Clifton Lane Rotherham S65 2AH United Kingdom

Imagine the night sky in the park and enhance it with presentations and displays to enrich your knowledge and astronomy skills. With various telescopes and binoculars, the event members will be on hand to help you explore the night sky. The Moon, Mars, Orion, the Pleiades, and its nebula should all be visible that night, so you’ll get an unforgettable experience.

Echoes from the edge of space and time

When: 25 February

Where: The Royal Institution of Great Britain, United Kingdom

If you want to learn more about black holes and how we managed to take pictures of them, you need to visit this event. 

In April 2019, the Event Horizon Telescope, together with Ziri Younsi, presented the first-ever picture of a black hole. Ziri will discuss how the Event Horizon Telescope has made it possible for us to take pictures of black holes, what we may learn from them, and how these and future discoveries will increase our knowledge of the origins of space, time, and the Universe itself.

We hope you found some February space events that you would like to attend or recommend to your friends, family, or students. Science and space are full of secrets, wonders, and challenges that we are pleased to explore. Join us on this journey and hurry up to register for the events you find the most exciting. 

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